There Are No Lousy Governments or Cultures. There Are Only Lousy People Who Created Them

There are no lousy governments. There are only lousy people*. Obviously lousy governments were put into power by lousy people*. I’d also add that there are no lousy cultures. There are lousy people and they create lousy cultures.

*I’d say this is true most of the time. For a long time in Latin America, unpopular rightwing dictatorships ran the country. The Duvalierists in Haiti were similar. He was hated by the people but he remained in power due to his terrorist Tonton Macoutes. El Salvador was similar. The Right stayed in power by stealing elections. Paraguay and Haiti are dictatorships right now. There are no elections in Paraguay and in Haiti, Aristide’s party, Lavalas, is banned from running.

Everywhere else in Latin America has more or less free elections, so the people are indeed to blame when a government is no good. A lot of the Arab dictatorships are unpopular. In a popular vote, they’d be voted out of power. Many dictatorships or authoritarian states are popular such as China, Vietnam, Cuba, Iran, Turkmenistan, Syria, and Belarus.

I should have said that in every country where there are free and fair elections, the people are to blame for any lousy government.

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