Are the Purveyors of Western Lies Consciously Lying?

I say no.

Some say that the Western whores masquerading as journalists are all on the take, and that’s why they write the way they do. I have a degree in Journalism, and I’ve worked in the field, and I’ve been dealing with these stenographer whores my whole life.

You know there’s this vast set of social rules you have to follow if you want to succeed in life? A lot of them are idiotic, ridiculous, and even non-adaptive, adding a bunch of stupid extra steps to things that could be done much more efficiently. Most of us go ahead and digest those rules and obey them and don’t even think about it because the punishment for being a social retard is so severe.

Same thing with these journalist whores. I know all sorts of people different fields who have these same views. I never felt that even one of them knew that what they believed was a lie but they were just lying consciously anyway. I’m not even sure how many people consciously lie about politics.

Just as people figure out that the social rules are necessary, the political rules for supporting US foreign policy are necessary in the same sense. You don’t obey the social rules, and you will be “fired” socially. You don’t obey the political line and you will be canned for real, and now you can’t pay rent!

You work at a big paper with the ideology that I have, and you won’t last two days. You cannot turn in a truthful foreign policy article. Your editor will read it, scowl, and throw it back at you angrily. You turn in articles like that a 1-3 more times and you’re fired, mostly for not catching on. All the other journalists will know that you got fired for not following the narrative and take note.

I’m convinced that when it comes to politics and US foreign policy, people believe all sorts of BS that is objectively false, that is, they believe lies. But they do not think they are lies! They have convinced themselves that the lies they are saying are actually true! This holds for all forms of politics.

So any journalist working today fully believes in the lying narrative. They don’t know it’s BS and say it anyway. They aren’t that evil.

To be that evil you have to be a psychopath who works in Washington DC for the executive or legislative branch. Now, those people often know full well that a lot of the crap they say is full blown lies, but they don’t care. They are indeed lying consciously but this doesn’t bother them.

In geopolitics, non-sociopaths need not apply. Psychopathy is part of the job requirement.

There are no good guys in geopolitics There are bad guys and worse guys and that’s it.

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