What Do “Panic Button” and “Polishing the Pearl” Mean In Slang?

Lesson in female sexuality here.

Polishing the pearl? Come on folks. How can that be anything other than female masturbation? Ever seen how they do it? Exactly like it says.

Panic button? The clitoris of course. However, even if you penetrate a woman’s vagina or even put your hand down a woman’s pants, they often react in a stunned, shocked, manner. I had a Black woman in my car not long ago.When I was 17, I put my hand in an 18 year old girl’s vagina (we were in her bed without any clothes) and a shockwave reverbertated through her body, and she said, “Oooh!”

Before I dropped her off, I felt her tits under her shirt and then reached down in her pants and felt her hairy pussy. She reacted like she’d been electrocuted and started squirming around like an eel.

That’s not an uncommon reaction. They react this way all the time, even in porn movies on occasion. I’m not sure exactly what’s going with these ladies in the Land Down Under, but it seems like there’s this “jolt of electricity” reaction when you first start touching them down there.

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2 thoughts on “What Do “Panic Button” and “Polishing the Pearl” Mean In Slang?”

  1. https://m.smutty.com/s/lXaPv/

    Eating a pearl’s pearl. Licking the pearl-tongue, eating pussy.

    White men in general say they’ll eat pussy, NAM’s brag about their alleged big dicks, and Asians talk about their money; i.e., it being the most important thing to women in their view. That’s my experience anyway and it tells you a bit about each group.

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