The Modern Left Are Dour, Sour-Faced Prigs and the Modern Right are the Freeloving Party-Throwers

Feral Finster: Today’s liberals are finger-wagging moralists so dour, priggish and humorless that they make The Church Lady look like G. G. Allin by comparison.

Meanwhile, the pranksters, the subversives, the tellers of Forbidden Truths are largely found on the Alt-Right, and to a lesser extent on the Dirtbag Left.

This is not because of any inherent subversiveness on the part of conservatives or any natural censoriousness on the part of liberals, but is a product of their present relationships with power.

Me: I’ve been saying this for a long time now, but it seemed no one was listening.

I especially like that last paragraph. It goes to show that there is nothing “inherent” about the present Zeitgeist; instead, as the Marxists have always said, this bizarre configuration is instead a result of “the social, economic, and political forces in this particular state at this particular time.”

Which means I guess we should stop looking for the inherent puritanism of the modern Church Lady Left, who after all, used to be the Let’s Do It in the Streets Liberals in the 60’s. Liberals are neither freedom-loving chaos disrupters nor the reincarnations of Dante ranting out of his window. They can be either one or anything in between depending on the particular social-political constellation at this moment in time and space.

Since when is the Right subversive? I suppose when the Left became ruler-waving nuns, the Right did the opposite because they always do the opposite of whatever the Left is doing and became the supporters of free living, parties, unrestricted fun, and sexual freedom at least for straight people.

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