Western Liberal, Progressive, and Social Democrat Support for These Nazis Is Hard to Figure

The Norwegians are stark raving nuts on this Russia-hating stuff. I had no idea. I always thought Norway was this cool progressive state. In fact, I thought that about all of the West. Now I know that the West is nothing but Nazi-lovers and fascist-lovers and has been since WW2. The Norwegians are one of the biggest Nazi-lovers out there. And the Nazi infatuation that the British have has to be seen to be believed!

We all know the Balts and Finns are Nazis, as are the Ukrainian Banderists and the Belarusian opposition (nationalists like Banderists, Nazi collaborators).

The Balts, Finns, and Ukrainian and Belarusian nationalists all collaborated with Nazis in WW2, and none of them are the least bit sorry for it. The Lithuanians were some of the worst Jew-killers of them all, maybe even worse than the Ukrainians. Like the Ukrainians, the Lithuanians are busy naming all their squares and streets after their Lithuanian Nazi heroes.

Bottom line is that Lithuanian, Belarusian, Estonian, and Latvian nationalism is all Nazism. All of the nationalist heroes of of these states were Nazis and Nazi collaborators. Finnish nationalism is very pro-Nazi too. The Finns had a Nazi-allied government in WW2, and they were sending goods to Germany. They refused to drop their alliance with Germany so Stain invaded. Later, Finland let the Nazis use its territory to invade Russia, and after the Soviets clawed the Germans back, there was yet another war in Finland.

I’m a Leftist. To me this is one of the great antifascist wars, like the Spanish Civil War. Which is why I’m so baffled at all these people on the so-called liberals and progressives are supporting these diabolical Nazis. We tried to get rid of fascism and Nazism in Europe 75 years ago, but it looks like we didn’t clean out the whole place, and Nazi nits became Nazi lice that have infected Europe again. Looks like Russia is going to have to fight the Nazi beast one more time.

I think we should call the Russian army the Russian Antifascist Army.

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3 thoughts on “Western Liberal, Progressive, and Social Democrat Support for These Nazis Is Hard to Figure”

  1. I thought Norwegians didn’t take to Nazism. Their hearts weren’t in it during WWII. I believe the Norwegians resisted the original Nazis some. Modern Nazis, sure.

    Scandinavians are known for equality and feminism. Basically favoring the woman over the man is the seen as “equality,” definitions be damned. Historically, women that far North were pretty strong. I seem to recall reading Viking women resembled men in skull shape and size. A bit of equality might not be entirely unnatural for them. The government in Sweden pushes genderless insanity on kids.

    On map porn, Russia’s least favorite flag was the gay’s rainbow flag. I know Ireland is extremely pro-gay now and Brits have long been accepting of gays. There are many battles in this war. I don’t think gays are an issue, but they push it too far. The homosexual Jew used to be separate from Nazis.

    There’s some truth that the West held on to some Nazi aspects. The East may have adopted more positive traits like beauty, family, tradition, etc. East German military dressed more like Nazis. I think West Germans were dressed more American GI’s. In a way the East is the best of the West or even what’s left of the West.

  2. “Germans in Norway were horrified by the treatment of detainees that was doled out by Norwegian collaborators and took steps to dial it back.” Curmudgeon

    According to him the collaborators were pretty hardcore, sort of like in the East. Nazi collaborators often seem to be more Nazi than the Nazis themselves.

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