Sex Between Minors, Even Teenage Boys and Little Girls, Is Usually Not Harmful

Anyway, I had a long talk with a young teenage girl (14 years old) on Tumblr the other day, and at some point, of course she brings up sex like they always do. The sex talk in this case was about her having sex with her older brother at a very young age. She was between four and eight, and he was between 13 and 17. I let her talk about this because this stuff is interesting to me.

I won’t even call it child molestation because I don’t like to use that term when both of them are minors. She actually liked it, had not been harmed by it at all, and missed the sex and especially missed him! This is the thing that sex fascists never tell you about child sex. The truth is that children having sex with other children or teenagers is generally not harmful.

A lot of kids engage in something called “childhood sex play,” which is mostly explorational and curiosity-driven because I’m convinced that they have no sex drive at that age. Many of my counseling clients related incidents of childhood sex play to me, and some of it was pretty freaky (Like bisexual orgies!). Childhood sex play does not seem to be inherently harmful in any way. But some women are getting harmed by it now because they want to be victims.

And then, yes, there are cases where teenage boys are messing around with their younger sisters like Josh Duggar. That seems to be what’s going on above. That sounds pretty terrible but the truth is that little girls are not particularly harmed when they have consensual sex with their brothers, even their teenage brothers. This is possibly because they are both minors. Have you noticed that Duggar’s younger sisters he had sex with as a teenager have all said they were not harmed by this behavior? I told you.

On the other hand, sex between and adults and little children can definitely be harmful for the child, even if that’s not the typical outcome.

I don’t think cops should get involved in these cases of sex between minors in the family, even it’s a teenage boy and his child sister. They should be resolved within the family. If that doesn’t work, get social services involved. The boy has to be told to leave his sister alone. If the boy won’t stop having sex with his sister, he needs to be removed from the home and that’s where social services comes in.

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One thought on “Sex Between Minors, Even Teenage Boys and Little Girls, Is Usually Not Harmful”

  1. I figure teenage girls fuck their brothers and dogs. Might seem like a giant net to cast, but I’m sure it’s true a lot. They fuck whatever’s around.

    I know a Black chick that doesn’t remember her childhood, beaten until brain damaged by another Black girl. She’s 19 but mentally younger, likely a child still, just says Goddamn-nigga instead of googoo-gaga. There’s little outrage for Black mental minors, she may fit in with her Black ghetto culture more.

    LGBTQ people seem mentally ill. I interracted with them on Facebook recently. A horde of idiots who base their life on what’s trending. I had many rainbow tranny flag flyers like and laugh at a post of mine. None of them understood anything I wrote. I just trended a bit with the unicorn pulled short bus.

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