Guess What? You Can’t Predict the Future

There are people whose response to many questions like this is simply,

Time will tell.

As I age, I’m starting to think they are right. Bottom line is you can’t predict the future! A friend of mine in high school, who had a genius IQ, and was an artist, a heavy pot smoker and LSD user, and on top of that, an extreme bisexual leaning towards gay, and shrugged and casually said,

You can’t predict the future.

when someone asked him one of those “Would you ever do (this transgressive thing)?” questions.

casually said that in high school, and it’s one of the smartest lines I’ve ever heard.

Even for ourselves. Most of us say we would never commit a horrible crime, but theoretically we could go psychotic or get a brain tumor and do something really bad. The best you can really say about things like that is,

I certainly HOPE I would never do such a thing. That would be against my morals.

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