Are Liberals Closet Fascists? I Say Yes

Here are some comments that followed my comment about liberals, progressive, and social democrats in the West going head over heel to support these depraved Nazi bastards

Squeeth: It goes to show that liberals are fascists in cardigans. C19th liberalism had three bastard children, Nazism, Stalinism and bourgeois liberalism.

Me: I’m starting to think you are right. It’s like there’s this thin veneer of liberalism that’s present much of the time, albeit while still supporting fascism, right wing dictatorships,  death squads, and murderous Islamists! Nevertheless, the thin veneer stays on most of the time and is all we see.

But when push comes to shove and the chips are really down, they rip off that liberal shirt like Clark Kent in a change room and turn fascist in a heartbeat. It seems like whenever there’s a choice between the Left and fascism, liberals always go fash in a New York minute!

The KPD in Germany used to call the Social Democrats “social fascists” and fought them in the streets. They called social democracy “the left wing of fascism.”

I always thought they were stupid and crazy, but now I wonder if they were onto something.

Squeeth: The SPD allied with the Freikorps to kill the Spartacists in 1919. The friends of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg didn’t forget them in the early 30’s.

Small l liberals supported slavery, the Confederacy, arrest and imprisonment without charge or trial, torture and all the rest of the apparatus of rule by the state. John Stuart Mill (of his own free will) didn’t advocate individual freedom. He criticized state repression because social pressure was more efficient.

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2 thoughts on “Are Liberals Closet Fascists? I Say Yes”

  1. Woke is said to be extreme inclusiveness.

    Accept my insane perspectives or die.

    You’ve found over 90% of trannies are mentally ill.

    Trannies are sacred and should rule the World!

    the woke would say.

    As I’ve stated before they’re just backwards.

    India should be in charge of waste management while Native Americans guard the liquor stores.

    If a Care Bear would say it, it must be true. They need some sense slapped into them. I understand it has changed. The liberals were the open-minded ones in another time.

  2. Confederates seem like they aren’t fascist through much of History. After the North won, many Confederates turned outlaw. At times when they were #1 in power, they seemed fascist. I think if we scaled it out the Union would look more fascist though.

    Lowly Confederate bushwhackers seemed to have a deep hatred of the Union and were trying to take the “damn Yankees” down to Hell with them. It seemed like old trusty rusty Confederate pistol vs the Unions shiny new Gatling gun.

    To some from the north a former Confederate soldier was mud, and they faced discrimination in the north. Often the rebels looked to be rebelling against northern fascism. Whereas the north was the law. Pinkertons would spy on Confederates during the war and then hunt the big ex-Confederate outlaws after the war. A White anti-slaver leader seemed to exhibit religious fanaticism and was extremely murderous. I’d rather associate with a cool-headed slaver.

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