Almost All Young Men These Days are Feminist Pussies

Recently I approached an attractive 20 year old girl at a sports event and we subsequently went on a date. On that date, she told me that her brother called me ‘creepy’ when she told him that I approached her without first knowing her through a friend or social circle.

I’m well aware of this. This is the puritanism of the Gen Z idiots. It’s all coming right out of 3rd Wave feminism. All of these young women nowadays are woketards, and most of the men are too. They’re almost all extreme feminists, they’ve bought into the White-hating antiracist nonsense, and they’ve elevated sexual and gender minorities to the status of heroes, while denigrating normal people as pathological and in need of disappearance.

That’s pathetic! See? Everything’s creepy.

The fact that any of us men have obvious sex drives is creepy right there. I don’t think they mind that we have sex drives, but they just don’t want to see our sex drive out in public.

I’m not allowed to have an obvious sex drive in public at all anymore. I can’t look at women, certainly girls and young women but increasingly middle aged women too. I so much as look at a girl or a young woman, and people act like they’re going to call the cops. It’s like these silly cunts think men’s sex drive is supposed vanish as they get older. I’ve got some news for these dipshit twats. The male sex drive never goes away! My Mom at least figured this out. She said:

If a beautiful woman walks into a room, every male in that room from nine to 90 will stop whatever he is doing and look at her. But if there’s a gay man in the room, he’ll act like she never walked in. She’s like a ghost to him, not even there.

There you can see that my Mom’s generation, feminist though some of them were, were at least sane. They understood the natural, normal behavior of men, and they’d at least made their peace with it at some point. Fighting male sexuality is like trying to bail out the ocean. Try all you want but it will never work.

I’m not really allowed to talk to any women, God forbid girls, and almost all women shut me down rudely any time I try to have more than the most rudimentary conversation. A few women are ok. Some are around 35-40. Women my age are completely useless. They’re mostly ugly and those that are not act like they could not be less interested in men. You can’t talk to them either. They shut you down just like that.

Is this a Gen Z or a Millennial? I just call these men faggots. I know they’re not gay, and I often don’t use that word for actual gay men because I respect them a lot more than these traitorous pussies you are describing. Basically these men have digested the whole insane puritanical Third Wave feminist mindset about heterosexual sex.

Notice that they put no limitations on gay men, lesbians, or even straight women? This whole thing is about putting maximal restrictions on the sexuality of heterosexual men, mostly because deep down inside, a lot of straight women despise male sexuality. They think it is gross, sick, predatory, piggish, and disgusting.

That’s normally not a problem in a patriarchy (the only system that works) because even in the mildest one, men are sane about sex, and they just laugh in the faces of these silly bitches complaining about us being too forward or too horny (this latter isn’t even really possible), and ask,

What are you going to do about it, ladies? We men run the show here.

Plus, we call them frigid, prudes, etc. which is true, as prudishness is part of the basic Female Character. Also, in patriarchy, the cultural Zeitgeist is set by men, so a lot of women quit thinking in this stupid way and simply accept male sexuality with giggles and shrugs of the shoulders. They say:

Men are men. What are you going to do about it? Besides, we sort of like them like that.

They think stopping men from being horny bastards is like telling a dog not to bark. It’s in our nature to be this way, and they just accept it and even like it to some extent.

The problem is Female Rule, which is simply women in power. Women in power is simply feminism because as soon as women and their pussy fag “male” allies take power anywhere, the first thing they do is impose  feminism and start putting in legal and societal restrictions on straight male sexuality. This happens everywhere women take power, no exceptions anywhere that I’m aware of.

You cannot allow women to run your society. They’re incapable of doing it properly, and Female Rule never results in anything but privilege for women, severe repression for straight men, and chaos in general in society because women impose conditions that are contrary to natural, normal behavior.

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5 thoughts on “Almost All Young Men These Days are Feminist Pussies”

  1. “Is this Gen Z or a Millennial? ”

    He was 28 years old, married, with a few kids. AKA very, very jealous of free men with the courage to act on what they want.

    “Women in power is simply feminism because as soon as women and their pussy fag “male” allies take power anywhere, the first thing they do is impose feminism, crazy puritanical, and start putting in all of these legal and societal restrictions on straight male sexuality.”

    I have to say, their feminist male allies are even worse, especially the conservatives. Think of Mike Pence or Grady Judd. These ‘men’ have done far more damage to gender relations and normal heterosexual men than any blue-haired feminist could ever hope to achieve.

  2. I really loathe some men and can physically overpower most anyone, even the highest-level grapplers in the world, and I’m by no means the best. Perhaps if I were gay I’d be a rapist. I’m quite a bit harsher on men because I’m sexist. It’s similar with race. I loathe certain Gentiles more than any Jew or Black.

    Blacks are awesome physically and comedically, and this is where many White people fall in love with them.

    Jews are just sour milk (White Gentiles).

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