A Few Things about 12-14 Year Old Girls (Not That They’re Very Interesting Sexually Because They’re Not!)

ChangeIt: Exactly, there are recorded screen capture videos of this, some of which include early-onset girls of 11 and 12. At least there used to be.

I’ve never seen anything like that.

I saw a 13 year old girl webcamming for a bunch of boys on a Tumblr blog once when I went down a rabbithole of pedo blogs on Tumblr. Honestly, most of them were completely legal, but there was a Hell of a lot of “child erotica” on there, which isn’t child porn at all. Still, it looks rather disturbing to me for some reason. I don’t like to see girls that young being sexualized. It’s just weird. I ended up reporting 40-50 blogs or posts, but the ones that crossed the line were quite rare.

In the clip, she’s not masturbating, but you can see her pussy. She also acts rather childish. The weird thing is that the link had 373,000 likes and reblogs on Tumblr. That’s surely only a fraction of the people who saw it, which could be upwards of 2 million people.

Even if you could track down those 373,000 people, how the Hell you going to arrest 400,000 people at once on a serious felony? See, the sex fascists don’t even make sense! The way they want these laws enforced is so impractical that it’s completely unrealistic. The clip wasn’t that much of a turn-on either. She was too young; too much of a “girl.”

The thing is that I could not think of anything less interesting than a naked or even masturbating 12 year old girl.

I saw Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby, and I thought,

Why is everyone getting upset about this? This is nothing. It’s not even a turn-on.

People act like that Pretty Baby scene is the most evil scene that’s ever been shot. They say it’s child porn and that everyone who looks at it needs to go to federal prison.

Problem is that last I heard, that that clip has been viewed by minimum 25 million people.

That this clip is one of most evil movie clips ever shot seems odd to me. What’s so evil about that clip? There’s literally nothing there. Yeah, there’s a naked 12 year old girl, but that’s a gigantic nothing right there. Why would people get freaked out about a naked human being? After all, nudity in humans is quite natural and normal.

Some hebephile came to the blog and posted some CP that he had uploaded to Youtube. It was filmed in the back of a bar in Colombia. There was this 12 year old girl dancing around a pole in her underwear and eventually she even loses that. The camera focuses on her genitalia most of the time. That’s CP right there – the italicized part. She has sex with some teenage boy at the end, at which point, she’s “acting like a kid.”

Anyway, I watched it and the whole time I was thinking, “Why would anyone get turned on by this?” It was not erotic at all. She had no tits and a boy’s body and she looked way, way too young. The only thing she had going was a pussy, but Hell, a three year old has that. Then I reported it to Youtube as CP, deleted the link on my site, and chided the guy for posting that crap on my blog.

Not many girls start masturbating as early as 12. It’s only a few. I found a cohort of 30-50 13-15 year old girls talking about these things on a forum, and there was only one who started masturbating at age 12. There was another who started at age 14. All the rest were clustering around 13, and 70

Oddly enough, I even found that 2-3 of those girls were masturbating with their young teenage sisters, either lying next to each other or sometimes having lesbian sex with each other. That really freaked me out and if we can extrapolate it out, it means ~5+

Most 12 year old girls don’t seem to be interested in sex. I see them around and they’ve been acting like they were terrified of me for a long time now. I don’t think they look at men at all. Maybe a few look at young men. I had a 12 year old girl proposition me for sex at age 20.

That changes around age 13 though with the onset of the sex drive. For a while there, I was noticing that around age 13 was when girls started looking at me. They don’t do that anymore, and I can’t even really look at them. I drive by a junior high every day at 6 PM and some of those girls – I guess the 8th graders or 13 year olds – are kind of hot! I wouldn’t touch them with a 10 foot pole and an 11 foot extension, but they did have the bodies of women, which makes me look at them. But nowadays they don’t want me looking at them, and they get angry if I do so.

However, I’ve noticed some 12 year old girls are “curious” about men.

I was at a Catholic Church a while ago, and there was this girl sitting next to me. She kept stealing these giggly glances at me. She was probably 12 and I wasn’t interested at all. I started looking back and her and pretty soon we were smiling every time we looked at each other. I was playing peek-a-boo with her like you do with a little kid. The service ended and I think I tried to introduce myself but she shied away. I didn’t get the feeling that she was horny for men. Instead I got a feeling of “curiosity” about men.

I think it stands to reason that girls that age, right before puberty, might get “curious” about men without there being any sexual component. Her body’s priming her. After all, in a year she will be a horny teenager.

There’s no way I would touch one though.

I was talking to a 14 year old girl on the Net the other day. She had a blog that interested me. The talk was pretty clean but after a couple of hours, of course, she brought up sex. Problem with talking to girls that age is that after 20 minutes – 2 hours, at least with me anyway, they’re  going to bring up sex. I don’t think 14 year old girls are all that horny to be honest, but I think it’s more that they are thinking about sex quite a bit.

Anyway, the conversation was not very pleasant or even productive and the whole vibe I was getting from her was girl! Sure, maybe teenage girl but emphasis on the girl, not on the teenage. And she still had a bit of residual “little girl” (like 10 year old) in her. Serious turnoff.

Her blog had that same girly, childish aspect to it. Older teenage girls aged 16-17 do not necessarily sound this way at all. In fact, they often sound rather adult or at least they sound more like teenagers than little kids. Anyway, I was wondering how any man in his right mind could have sex with such a childish creature.

Her childish nature was an utter turnoff to me. Even though it would not be child molestation, it would feel like it because she was so childish. I don’t see how men screw these girls or even try to like in these police stings. Why the Hell do they want to fuck such a childish creature? It’s weird.

I also got the feeling that we men probably shouldn’t even be talking to those girls. I really don’t think the vast majority of them want to talk to us (though a few do), especially at my age. If they want to come and talk to you, fine, but seeking them out for any reason whatsoever doesn’t seem to work. And at any time, she can pull out the “creep” card and freak on you for “creeping on her” when you haven’t said anything the slightest bit like that. It’s their ace in the hole and they know they can play it at any time and they do just that.

I was talking to his 14 year old girl once in peripheral relation to the Delphi Murders (she had had some weird homeless guy stalk and chase her). She was interesting for a while, but within 20 minutes, she started talking about sex, of course. Duh. Anyway we got off that subject and I said something this tranny trend and how she should be careful not to get sucked into it. Well, she completely flipped out and started screaming at me.

She also informed me that she was “pan” as in pansexual, and I don’t even know what that means either. I guess it means they’ll fuck anything human that moves, including a tranny. All of these young girls are identifying in these weird sexual ways, bisexual, pansexual, etc. and I’m convinced that most of them haven’t even had sex yet!

But nevertheless, there they are, off grabbing some freaky sexual identity. She went ranting away, telling me trannies were the greatest thing since radial tires. Then of course she started calling me a “creep” and insisting I was “getting creepy” with her. I hadn’t said anything even remotely sexual to her. “Creepy” is just a weapon these silly girls can whip out any time they want to accuse any male of no matter what their behavior was. And of course we have to believe the girl because girls never lie about this stuff, right? Or so the feminists inform us.

Got news for you. Generation Z, and to a lesser extent the Millennials, are all lost, sunk deep without hope into SJWism and Wokeism of all types. No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, bla bla bla, no Republicans too. I’m ok with the last part.

I’ve been reading their blogs and Gen Z is way off the deep end regarding sexual orientation and gender identity. For instance, fully 2

A good 94

As if that weren’t bad enough, fully 11

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  1. “Creepy” is just a weapon these silly girls can whip out any time they want to attack any male no matter what their behavior was.”

    The ‘men’ in the USA also do this now. Recently I approached an attractive 20 year old girl at a sports event and we subsequently went on a date. On that date, she told me that her brother called me ‘creepy’ when she told him that I approached her without first knowing her through a friend or social circle. This was in a predominantly conservative state. The ‘men’ seem to be even more feminized in conservative states, and it makes sense when you look at their much higher penalties for the statutory rape and child porn hoaxes.

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