Underage Girls Doing Sexual Webcamming Are Being “Abused?”

ChangeIt: Looks like she’s doing it willingly? She looks pretty happy, doesn’t she? If she can disconnect at any time, why is she not in fact an eager participant?

Society told me girls under 18 have no brain development to understand sex, yet here she is enjoying herself? Are other girls doing this, perhaps thousands, millions, or hundreds of millions?

Did they all commit suicide later in life because they were finally able to understand the consequences of sex and deeply regretted their actions? Are the consequences of sexual activity for those under 18 always negative like we are told? How did humans make it to today when all of human history was basically “child sex abuse” until a recent history? What about other countries with lower ages of consent right now, are they all simply “child sex abuse societies?”

This whole idea that female minors who are taking photos and videos of themselves nude or masturbating and sending them to men and putting on nude or masturbatory shows are somehow “being abused” seems insane.

How the Hell are they being abused?! If a girl takes a picture or video of herself nude or masturbating, did she just “abuse” herself? How the Hell did she do that!?

Now if she sends that material to an adult man so he can enjoy it, somehow or other she is getting “abused.” How does that work? That doesn’t even make sense! Is she abusing herself? Is the man “abusing” her by receiving the material, although she produced and sent it to him very willingly, and she can’t even see his reaction or maybe hasn’t even seen his face, much less met him?

I ran across a lot of sex blogs of very young women on Tumblr recently, mostly of 18 and 19 year old girls. They’re unbelievably depraved and degenerate sexually, at least in their thinking, though quite a few 18 year old girls are still virgins. I’ve met quite a few 18 year old virgins recently (I met one just the other day, in fact), and I’ve even met women in their early 20’s who are still virgins.

I was shocked at how many of these girls said on their blogs they used to go on Omegle as minors and get naked and masturbate on cam. They said a lot of adult men, “older men” as they put it, would come to watch them get themselves off on cam. They described it as “masturbating for older men on cam.” They seriously got off on this, and they loved the fact that they did this, so I’m really dubious how any of them are harmed. They all also said that this gave them an older man fetish, which they were more than happy with, believe me.

All of those men are also “looking at CP,” which is a crime, but I assume almost all of them got away with it, and cops don’t investigate Omegle. How the Hell are you going to figure out who’s watching whosoever’s cam show anyway?

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