There’s Nothing Wrong with Pre-Straight Boys Being Socialized to Believe That Being Gay Is the Worst Thing on Earth

We were socialized this way and I’m very happy I was. I still think that being gay is worse than terminal cancer. Not for legitimately biological gay men of course. What I mean is that the idea of me being gay or doing something like that is so horrible that I’d rather put a bullet in my head than do it with a guy.

I have no objection to pre-straight boys being socialized this way, though obviously it’s bad for pre-gay boys. On the other hand, I’m not sure if those boys even care. For one thing, they didn’t play with us. I think all of the boys I played with turned out to be straight. There were pre-gay boys around, but they avoided us. We were outside playing all the time with sports and roughhousing games, and I guess they were inside the house with Mom baking muffins.

We had some of pre-gay boys around us. In fact there were these two twins called the Hunts. They acted like screaming faggots already at nine, so of course we tormented them. Being named Hunt, obviously we had to call them the Cunts, which we did. We also called them fags and teased them over this. They refused to rise to the bait, so eventually we quit doing it.

But the fact that these boys got bullied crammed it into my head that if I acted effeminate, I’d be bullied relentlessly in a horrible way. To this day, I can’t stand the idea of me acting effeminate. If you call me effeminate or imply that I am, those are fighting words and I might just hit you!

In fact, I don’t even like effeminate behavior in gay men, though I am starting to think it’s biological. It really bothers me. With some of them it’s like nails on a chalkboard. There’s a prominent sexologist who is gay and is also very effeminate. He’s a brilliant man and I love his views, but I can barely watch his videos at all because I’m too busy cringing at his effeminacy. Like I said, nails on a chalkboard.

To ram this point home, we used to play this game called Smear the Queer or Kill the Man on the Hoppity Hop. The hoppity hop was this giant blue ball with a handle on it. You climbed on it, grabbed the handle, and started bouncing around. You could actually travel via this damn thing!

Well, one boy would climb on and start riding. He was now the designated “queer,” so of course he had to be creamed by the other boys for being a queer. As he tried to ride the hoppity hop, the other boys would attack him, hit him, try to throw him off, etc. It was a typical violent little boy game.

I don’t object to pre-straight little boys being brainwashed into thinking that there’s nothing worse than being gay. It cements their heterosexual identity and prevents any worrying about sexual orientation.

Also, straight men have a serious tendency to engage in gay sex despite being gay, though they usually play the male role. They do this for all sorts of reasons.

One reason young men should not be denied the opportunity for sex with women from age 18 on is that if you deprive a young man from 18-30 the opportunity to have sex with women, guess what they will do? They will start fagging off with other guys as an alternative or substitute. This doesn’t necessarily make them anything other than completely straight, but it also just goes to show that the male sex drive is so strong that straight men will fuck anything, even another guy, if they are horny enough.

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