Some Thoughts on Menarche, the Onset of the Female Sex Drive, and Child Molestation of Girls

Changeit: For example, it is a big problem for the sex fascists when a regular person views a recorded webcam video of a 12 year old girl happily masturbating and eagerly viewing a man ejaculate to her on the other side of the computer.

Ok what are you referring to here? No one is watching a video of a man watching a girl masturbate while the man is jerking off to it. What happens is the girl is masturbating on cam and the man is jerking off to it.

First of all, I would say that few 12 year old girls masturbate. I did some searching around the Net on webforums, and nowadays most girls start masturbating at age 13. A couple wait around until age 14, and couple more start at 12, but in general, it starts at age 13. This must also be the age of “true menarche” which is different from “false menarche,” which is generally what we see these so-called early-onset menarches now.

I also did some research on the onset of the female sex drive, mostly because I was trying to contradict the common pedo argument that little girls are as horny and desire sex with men as much as grown women, which I strongly suspected was false.

What angers me was that it was so hard to find this information. I had to search around the web a lot to find this stuff. So it looks like the presence or absence of a sex drive in little girls and the nature of the onset of the sex drive in pubescent girls is a banned subject!

This is ridiculous as this is important knowledge for the field of sexology and also physicians, especially pediatricians. Not to mention most sexually mature females are probably interested in this subject too. But it’s nearly banned because the sex fascists say any such research is “pedophile!”

My research also found that the female sex drive starts around the time of menarche, actually four-five months before, when vaginal lubrication increases to an extreme degree. In other words, they start getting wet. The general idea here is that little girls don’t lubricate or get wet.

Of course they have discharge which makes them somewhat wet, but discharge might not be wet enough for actual sex. Some women think discussion of discharge is disgusting, and you will see few references to it on the Net. Yet it is an essential activity of the female sex organs. Anyway it is colorless and odorless, so I don’t understand the gross out factor.

Discharge is the vagina’s protection mechanism that keeps it somewhat wet at all times whether the female is horny or not. It is done to prevent chafing, etc. when objects are inserted into the vagina. Most women and even teenage girls stick things into their vaginas at some point, even if it’s only a tampon.

You might be interested to know that discharge halts when a woman is unconscious, along with probably a lot of other automatic behaviors other than breathing, which is a pretty important mechanism. Women who are raped after they pass out notice the next day that there is some minor bleeding in their vaginas. This is because their vaginas didn’t have any discharge to protect them against intercourse via a pounding penis. It’s also one way to prove that a woman was assaulted while she was unconscious, which means she was raped.

I believe that discharge is not protective enough for little girls because I understand that if a girl is molested via penetration, the physician can often determine this on examination, which means the discharge was not making them wet enough. Another reason we adult men should not be fucking little girls! Their bodies aren’t ready for it!

Based on this, I determined that the sex drive probably comes on around the time of menarche.

In other words, So as soon as you are capable of becoming pregnant, your body develops the very thing that enables you to get pregnant – a sex drive and a desire for sex with other humans. Generally, before age 13, girls have no sex drive and also lack any desire for sex with other humans, nor do they experience any kind of sexual attraction to other humans.

I would add that little boys have no sex drive either. I think when I was a boy, I thought about sex maybe five minutes out of a year.

My father was engaging in some lame parental project that seemed to be trying to make sure we didn’t turn out to be fags. In other words, he was priming us with heterosexuality before we even had a sex drive. We’d be walking along and my father would always be saying to my brothers and me,

Look over there. Isn’t that a pretty woman?

I found this annoying. First of all, I had no interest in pretty women, though I acknowledged that they were pretty. Plus it seemed pretty obvious that was some social project of his to prevent faggotry. The idea that I needed to be protected against being a homo really annoyed me, oddly enough, because somehow I knew even as a boy that I was heterosexual and that obviously women were hot or would be hot at some point.

So my reaction was always:

Goddamn it, why are you even talking to me this way? Of course I like women, you idiot! And I really object to your notion that I might turn out gay and you are doing this to prevent that outcome.

This is odd because it shows that some strange notion of sexual orientation may be present even in small children before the onset of the sex drive.

I also already knew I liked girls, though I didn’t know crap about sex. I liked this Chinese girl named TC. She was smart and hot. I asked if I could have lunch with her one day, and she said sure. So I sat with the girls and had lunch with this girl I liked. A bunch of boys saw me eating with the girls and mercilessly tormented me by calling me a fag. I never ate with the girls again. Even as a boy, I and my friends already had the notion that being a fag or a queer was the last thing we should be.

The general argument here is that kids don’t even know what sex is or have the slightest understanding of it, and I think it should be kept that way. Childhood should be sexless!

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One thought on “Some Thoughts on Menarche, the Onset of the Female Sex Drive, and Child Molestation of Girls”

  1. “What happens is the girl is masturbating on cam and the man is jerking off to it.”

    Exactly, there are recorded screen capture videos of this, some of which include early onset girls of 11 and 12. At least there used to be.

    “So it looks like the presence or absence of a sex drive in little girls and the nature of the onset of the sex drive in pubescent girls is a banned subject!”

    This is exactly correct. This makes it easy for sex fascists to pretend that a girl is an innocent naive sexless flower until the magic age of 18, and increasingly now, 21. You can’t even get a legal hooker in Amsterdam now who is under 21. There is clearly an insidious agenda here.

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