I Object to Any Sex Education before Age 13

I object to any sex education before age 13. This also includes education about trannyism and sexual orientation, including homosexuality and bisexuality. Give me one reason why children under age 13 need to know about any of this stuff. Explain to me why kids that age need to know about trannies, drag queens, homosexuals, bisexuals, or really anything about sex period.

I also strongly object to kids that age being exposed to Internet porn in any way. That can’t possibly be good for any little kid’s head, and I worry about the consequences.

Before age 13, kids are not old enough to understand sex, and they have no use for this knowledge. Plus, parents aren’t very good sex educators. I know my mother lied to me about sex during her attempt to educate me at age eleven (?) or whenever it was.

She had a sex book and she was showing it to me one night on the couch and describing how the man inserted his penis into the vagina and ejaculated into it. This actually horrified my little boy mind. I said, “He sticks it into her?” I thought that was awful and terrifying, a serious violation of the woman and an act of violence, cruelty, and evil on the part of the man. As you can see, I was already a radfem at age 11!

My Mom lied and said, “No, he just holds the penis outside the vagina and ejaculates into it.” That’s a total lie, but it sure made me feel better!

My friends’ Moms were even worse. I remember walking to school with my best friend at age nine and talking about sex. My friend said,

“I dunno…My Mom says she’s never done it.”

LOL. This guy had two brothers. Obviously his Mom lied to him. I don’t think this fake and dishonest sex education does kids any good.

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