Taking Apart the Lies about the War on Fakes Website

This is one of my favorite website. It’s run by some Russians. Increasingly I am starting to think that the definition of “Russian disinformation” is simply “the truth.” The Russians are far more honest than the degenerate, lying West.

War on Fakes Telegram.

Even the Jews (Israel) are pretty good in this regard.

You would think that Russia would lie at least some of the time, but when you’re winning, there’s no need to lie. The truth sounds just fine. When your enemy is as degenerate, depraved, and wicked as the Ukrainian Nazis, there’s no need to exaggerate their evil nature and commit false flags accusing them of depraved acts of war.

The Ukrainians commit barbaric war crimes on a very regular basis. And Russia on the contrary is fighting an extremely clean war, sort of like Israel. I’m so happy they have not caved and started fighting dirty like their supporters keep yelling at them to do.

On the contrary, the West’s statements about this war tend to be lies to some degree or another. At the very least, they’re not portraying the conflict properly. And the number of false flags, terrorist attacks blamed on Russia, etc. is extremely high, with the Western press cheering it all on. Russia has been remarkably honest in this war and Ukraine and the Nazi-loving West has been frighteningly dishonest. I’ve never seen the Western media lie as much as they have in this war. It makes me ashamed to be an American. Even Vietnam was nothing like this.

Anyway, War on Fakes is a good, clean site. Most of the Ukrainian fakes they report on are indeed lies supported by the West. They come in at a regular pace with several new ones a week. You would think a site like that would lie once in a while, but they never seem to.

But the West has twisted the site all around claims that their truthful reports are all lies.

Site claiming to take apart the lies of War on Fakes.


How ‘War on Fakes’ Uses Fact-checking to Spread pro-Russia Propaganda


A Website and Telegram Channel Operated from Russia Falsely Claims to Be Fact-checking “an Information War Launched against Russia.

As far as I can tell, “Russian propaganda” like Russian disinformation” is simply the truth. Damn the West is getting Orwellian!

They are fact-checking these claims! And they’re doing a 50X better job of it than all of the media in the West! There is of course an information war that has been launched against Russia and from what I can tell, the entire Nazi-loving West is in on it. Maybe Hungary and Serbia aren’t. Weird because those are both Hard Right countries, and some say Hungary is even fascist.

Claim: Russian forces allowed humanitarian corridors to function in early March and Ukrainians could safely leave cities that were under attack.

Correct. See, the Donbass people are all Russian supporters. Of course they wanted them to leave.

The Ukrainians wanted them to stay so they could use them as human shields because the Ukrainians hate all of those civilians are more or less want them all dead. And indeed representatives of the Ukrainian government have made numerous statements about the need to kill 3.5 million “superfluous” citizens in the Donbass.

More commonly they said they were going to invade Donbass and give them a chance to leave. Anyone who didn’t leave would be judged a collaborator, and the Ukrainians kill all collaborators. So, yes, they said they were going to kill all the Donbass people who wouldn’t leave.

There’s no reason for Russia not to let those citizens evacuate.

Even near Kiev where most of the population supported Ukraine, the Russians gave everyone who wanted to leave a chance to leave. Those citizens were largely  hostile anyway, so they would just be a problem. And Russia is a decent country that doesn’t use enemy civilians as human shields, unlike the debased Ukrainians.

Claim: Ukrainian authorities used the same model to stage pictures of victims of the March 9 bombing of a maternity hospital in Mariupol.

That’s correct. But I’m not sure it was staged. We thought it was staged but it turned out that was not true. The situation was very confused and it took a while to sort everything out. She was simply there and covered with blood, so she made a good subject. She hates Ukrainians and is a strong Russian supporter, like almost everyone in that city. The woman has recently given interviews saying that she resents how the Nazis used her for their false flag.

Claim: There were no bodies of Ukrainian civilians on the roads of Bucha after Russian forces left the area around March 30. Someone “laid out” the bodies to falsely accuse the Russians of killing civilians.

This is absolutely correct. We have repeated statements from people in that city, including the mayor, that there were no bodies on the streets until the Nazis moved in and started murdering people with white armbands or who took humanitarian aid after first labeling them as collaborators. We also have a Russian and even a Ukrainian journalist who said that there were no bodies on the streets when the Russians left. Both men added that no civilian had been harmed the whole time Russia was in control.

Furthermore, a French journalist was there in Bucha the day the false flag was done and talked about how there was a large crowd that witnessed the Ukrainians bringing the bodies in in vehicles and then dragging them along the road to position them in their places.

According to this reporter, there were many Western journalists there, and they witnessed this whole false flag and fake attack. Every single one of them went home and filed a story saying that the Russians had murdered those people. The media in the West is just garbage and that includes most of the worthless stenographers who work for this degenerate “industry.” It’s utterly dishonest and corrupt and that goes for just about every foreign affairs journalist out there.

This journalist then went to Istanbul, and while he was there, the Ukrainian SBU intelligence agency tried to murder him! See what lowlife Nazis these monsters are? He got away with just being wounded, but then the depraved West waged an information war against this poor guy for the crime of telling the truth.

Claim: Bodies of Ukrainian civilians change position in different photographs of Bucha — more evidence that “bodies were arranged” to incriminate Russians.

This was actually a false claim. I think they took this one back. Most of the fact-checkers took this one back pretty quickly. We thought we saw a body move, but that was just an optical illusion.

Claim: Russia could not have shelled a train station in Kramatorsk in early April, killing 52 civilians, because the Russian military is not using Tochka missiles in Ukraine.

Indeed, they are absolutely not using Tochka missiles in Ukraine. Russian discontinued them in 2019, and they’ve been getting rid of their stockpiles. Further, we traced the very shell itself back to a lot that was shipped to Ukraine some years ago. Furthermore, the trajectory of the shell meant that it had to have been fired by the Ukrainian controlled territory.

See what the Ukrainians did? They told everyone in that area to evacuate on some false pretense, and then when people starting getting on trains, the Ukrainians shelled the station. We even know the name of the unit who fired the shell and exactly how far away they were.

Further, probably 80

Ukraine has done this so many times I can’t count them. Every time they commit a war crime, which is pretty near every week, they say Russia did it! And the whole Western debased Nazi-loving media parrots those very lines and blames Russia for every crime Ukraine commits!

Claim: In early March, Ukrainian forces stopped civilians from leaving cities under attack.

They did indeed. More precisely, they shot at them as they were leaving. They did this in many places, especially Mariupol. And when the Ukrainians were defeated in a village, they would retreat and shell the Hell of the village as they were retreating.

Why? Because they hate those people. 90

Claim: The March 16 bombing of a theater that was sheltering hundreds of civilians in Mariupol, killing 600 people, was the result of an explosion from the inside by Ukrainian soldiers, not Russians.

This is absolutely correct. There were no planes over Mariupol on that day or on most of those days. There was street fighting all over the city and Russia doesn’t bomb cities when its own forces are engaged in urban warfare. There’s too much chance of hitting your own guys. It’s hard to even use artillery in these places.

Furthermore, numerous people who were in that theater said that the Azov Nazi battalion herded everyone into the theater at gunpoint and forced them to stay there, mined the building, and then detonated the building as they were retreating. Not one person said there was a plane that bombed the building.

Further, although the theater was an Azov base, it had been removed from the target list a few days before because so many civilians were sheltering in there. I think Russia even complained that Azov had herded hundreds of people in there and turned it into a base, using the enemy civilians as human shields. You can look back at the record and see how they announced that three days before Azov blew up the theater.

Not one person says a plane bombed that building. Not one person saw a plane anywhere in Mariupol that day. The Russians knew that theater was full of civilians – their own supporters – so why on Earth would they bomb it and kill hundreds of their own civilian supporters? Makes no sense.

Further, no one knows how many people died in that building that day. I’ve seen footage after the detonation and most people appear uninjured and rather orderly as they are leaving the building. People in the theater did say there were a lot of wounded among people in that building.

Claim: The bombing of the maternity hospital in Mariupol which killed five people, was the result of a Ukrainian bomb — not a Russian airstrike — and the craters on the site were caused by buried explosives.

It was not the result of a Ukrainian bomb or buried explosives outside the hospital. That’s what people thought at first, and the situation was very confused. I did a lot of research on this and found a video with the director of the hospital. He said that a Ukrainian tank fired a shell at the building and this caused the damage and casualties. He saw the tank fire the shell. This situation is still very confused and most still don’t know that the attack was caused by a Ukrainian tank shell.

Claim: Patients inside the maternity hospital in Mariupol did not hear any aircraft, further evidence that it was not a Russian airstrike but a Ukrainian bomb that destroyed it.

Correct, everyone in the hospital heard no aircraft. In fact, no one anywhere in Mariupol saw or heard aircraft over the city that day because the Russians were not bombing the city due to chaotic street fighting breaking out all over the city.

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    1. LOL, now I’m a Zionist, I guess. I despise Israel, my friend. And I stand by my statement. Israel is probably fighting the cleanest counterinsurgency in the world today.

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