No Popular Insurgency Celebrates Killing Civilians as Much as the Palestinian One

And on the contrary, the Jews (Israel) fight a pretty clean war over there. Now I can’t stand that country, but I don’t think much of the Palestinians either. How many people think, “The Hell with both of them,” I wonder? The Jews’ settler colonial project, an ongoing, slow motion Nakba, is 130 years out of date. The rest of the West stopped doing that crap in the 1890’s. It’s also despicable.

They steal the Palestinians land a bit at a time inside Israel and in the West Bank. They are very cruel to the Palestinians and they treat the Israeli Arabs like dirt too. Israel is obviously a wildly racist country. None of their arguments in favor of this crazy project add up or make sense. The whole Zionist project is based on a lie and it’s time to wrap it up and call it a day and move to post-Zionism.

The Jews definitely tell some pretty horrid lies and somehow the Judeophilic world falls for all of them. But I keep up on the conflict there on a very regular basis. The Israeli government seems pretty straight up and clean. It’s amazing how honest they are for a nation at war with an insurgency.

If they say the Palestinians who got shot were shooting at the IDF, I’m sure they were.

Palestinians are regularly shot while attempting stabbing attacks against the IDF. The Palestinians say Israel makes this stuff up, but I really doubt it. For the doubters, Israel often releases video.

Sure Israel does bad things like beat people up, torture people and sometimes they deliberately target innocent people like journalists and rescue workers. They prevent the Red Crescent from accessing wounded Palestinians and the Jews don’t try to take the person into custody and treat their wounds.

Once they take him in, he’s a POW and the capturing party really ought to treat the wounds of surrendering soldiers. I know Russia does a bang-up job of this. They follow the Geneva Conventions to the letter. On the contrary, the Ukrainians and their Western cheerleaders are simply war criminals and enablers of such.

Israel also regularly shoots at Red Crescent vehicles and rescue workers and now and again they shoot at journalists too. They arrest the relatives of Palestinian suspects on the run or even those taken into custody. That’s a serious war crime. You don’t get to arrest innocent family members just because one of their members attacked your side or you can’t catch a fugitive suspect.

Recently they beat and tortured a suspect so badly that he almost died. But that’s not the typical treatment. Palestinians in Israeli prisons are treated shockingly well compared to how most countries treat imprisoned insurgents. To tell the truth, a lot of countries don’t even lock up insurgents. They just kill them! There are complaints that Palestinians in the prison system are denied adequate medical care, but I’m not sure how true that is.

I think perhaps Israel is fighting a public relations war and they think the world doesn’t support them much and looks more fondly on the Palestinians. Therefore the Israelis try to fight as clean as possible, obviously with some exceptions. I can’t think of any other country fighting an insurgency that fights as clean as Israel does.

I read both the hardline Palestinian and also the hardline and more moderate Israeli press. One Jewish author, Joe Truzman, is a regular read. I actually like this guy. He’s a Jew and I guess he lives in Israel so that’s going to bias him a lot.

But he’s surprisingly evenhanded and a lot of his reporting is just straight up factual. Further, he keeps his emotions out of it. Sure, sometimes he lies (especially about Iran) and at those times he’s just doing war propaganda. Now and again he gets emotional about the armed groups he’s reporting on and that really detracts from his coverage.

Really it’s a very good objective analysis of the conflict with an emphasis on the Palestinian resistance, on which he’s an expert. Granted a lot of their attacks could be called terrorism though to me most are not like that. Way less than 5

Mostly they shoot at the Israeli army. They also shoot at the settlements a lot, but they rarely hit anything. They attack settlers’ vehicles on the roads, but these attacks usually don’t do much either. Sure sometimes they hit an Israeli settler, typically driving in a vehicle.

I’m fine with it if they leave the minors out of it, but the Palestinians have no morals at all, like most Arabs. If a Palestinian attacker sees kids in the car or crowd he’s targeting, he’ll shoot right at those kids. There have been times when the Palestinians invaded settlements and broke into homes. They saw minors right there in the home and they opened right up on them. The victims range from toddlers to teenagers.

Face it, this conflict has been straight up terrorism from the very start! Sure they’ve attacked a lot of legitimate targets too, but this popular insurgency with a lot of support gleefully attacks regular civilians more than any other insurgency I can think of.

For instance, the Shining  Path, FARC, and the ELN don’t usually attack innocent civilians.

Neither do the PKK, whom I support.

Neither does the “Iranian militias” in Syria (really just factions of the Iraqi military).

The Houthis almost never attack innocent civilians. They fight pretty clean.

The Maoists in India and Philippines almost never attack civilians.

The rest of the insurgencies are Islamist rebels, basically ISIS and Al Qaeda, in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and the Sahel. The Central African insurgencies are Al Qaeda and ISIS-like, as is the Al Qaeda fight in Somalia. But none of these insurgencies are very popular.

The Ethiopian tribal insurgency looks pretty dirty, but I know little about it

The Palestinians are one of the few highly popular insurgencies that gleefully target civilians so they are unique in that respect.

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4 thoughts on “No Popular Insurgency Celebrates Killing Civilians as Much as the Palestinian One”

  1. If you cut Jews out of you life are you not happier?

    I believe Jews to be toxic to both self-hating cuck Judeophiles and antisemites fully consumed by their hate. At least antisemites know Jews are toxic even if they often take it too far in a self-destructive sense.

    How many people think, ‘The Hell with both of them’?

    From the outside it looks like only Iranians care about Palestinians. I wonder if Jews claimed the weakest Arab group, and if they claimed another Arab land they’d of failed.
    Professionals will often be around Israeli Jews. Are Israeli Jews total winners? No, in a way they don’t have their own culture and are rootless parasites. Mean to say that old line but it’s true. The root culture of Israel is Palestinian.

    “Jews are essentially female.”

    Less murder but more drama. For much of history, White European Gentile men were essentially the masculine Mars to the feminine Jewish Venus. Judeophilia is like a woman’s feminine allure, putting men in clouds of stupor with their delicate beauty on full display. The most effective argument for Israel seems to be threads featuring pics of hot Israeli soldier girls.

    Palestinians may be trying to fill the masculine role once held by European men but do so in their own more backwards way. Palestinians celebrating stupid mistakes as victories is pathetic. Palestine seems like a losing boy, not ready to fill Europapa’s shoes.

    Jewish neighborhoods are synonymous with safety. They’re White collar criminals if anything. Jews are simply beneath-the-surface non-physical tricksters, devilishly sly feminine foxes. While Palestinians are bottom-of-the-barrel masculine murder monkeys.

      1. Palestinians got the worst of it in my view and too much anti-Semitism isn’t kosher with me either. Every Jewish guy I know is very PC and womanly. Todays White Gentiles are very soft too. Jews are ultra-White but hate Whites as a vampire hates the sun.

  2. “We Jews, we the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build.” Maurice Samuel

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