Why the West and NATO Did Not Try to Stop This War in Ukraine

In fact, it’s the opposite. The West and NATO have been trying to start a war between Ukraine and Russia since 2014. From Maidan on, the US, the West, and NATO has planned to use Ukraine as proxy to wage a war on Russia as a pretext for the complete destruction of Russia. At the very least, the West thought that the war would weaken Russia and kill a lot of Russians.

Keep in mind that the Western nations explicitly told the Ukrainians that their job in this war was “to kill as many Russians as possible.” So there you have it. The people of the West have that attitude that as many Russians as possible should be killed and that this is a good thing and something they are trying to achieve. Why any Russian would support their enemies in this war is beyond me.

The West knew that the installation of a Nazi Russophobic government in Ukraine along with corresponding terrorism and murder of Russians and pro-Russians would cause the Russians in the East to rise up.

After that went on for a while, the West got Russia to sign a fake peace treaty called Minsk. The West never intended to enforce this fake peace treaty and only used it as a delaying action to prepare Ukraine for a war against Russia. In the seven years after Minsk, the West flooded Ukraine with top of the line weapons, built some of the strongest fortifications on Earth for the Ukrainians to hide behind, and trained the Ukraine Army to NATO standards.

What possible reason could there have been for these actions? The only possible reason to do these things is if the West was preparing Ukraine for a preconceived war with Russia.

The only reason at all would be that if the West was preparing Ukraine for an inevitable war against Russia. From 2014-2022, the West tried to bait and provoke Russia into a war so it could use that an excuse to destroy Russia.

It’s an old trick to provoke, bait, or force your enemy into attacking you. First of all, the enemy always looks bad because they attacked first or invaded the country that baited them. Then you get to use the “you invaded a peaceful country in an unprovoked war of aggression” argument against them. You have forced your enemy into an unpopular role as an aggressor in war.

The Jews (that means Israel) do this all the time. They are always trying to bait their enemies into attacking them, which the Jews will then use an excuse to destroy that country. They’ve been trying to bait Syria, Iran, and Lebanon into attacking Israel for some time now, though that may be an exaggeration for Lebanon because Israel genuinely fears Hezbollah. But they would love to bait Syria or Iran into attacking Israel which the Jews would then use as an excuse to destroy Syria or try to destroy Iran.

It’s an old trick!

Minsk was never anything but a trick to buy time! Both Germany and France have both admitted that they never intended to enforce Minsk and that the agreement was just used as a trick to buy time to arm and train Ukraine for a foregone war.

Here are a couple of good faith arguments suggesting what the West and NATO should have done to stop this war before it started. I agree that we should have done this, but due to the nature of the Nazi-loving West, we are incapable of this. Besides the West was not trying to stop a war in Ukraine. They were trying everything they could to start one!

All Ukraine and Europe needed to do was be honest, and honor the Minsk agreement.

From the start there was no intention to honor this agreement.

All NATO had to do was be the defensive agency it claimed to be.

From Day One, NATO has never been a defensive organization and has always been an offensive one dedicated first to destroying the USSR and now to the destruction of Russia.

Organizations are like living beings. None of us higher types want to die, and organizations don’t wish to die either. Many organizations continue on for a long time after the purpose for which they were formed has been fulfilled. They often retrofit themselves and change gears to adopt new goals.

In particular, militaries, especially the US military, are always itching to start wars. Even read documents by Pentagon intellectuals operating out their various stink tanks like Rand? They’re all about starting new wars in new places. We shouldn’t valorize the US military too much. It was a bad organization all through the Cold War, and it’s a bad organization now.

And the US military absolutely has an ideological view! The US complains about other countries “politicizing their militaries,” but ours become ideologized long ago. For starters, the Pentagon is absolutely a reactionary force on a constitutional (meaning at its core) basis. No progressive person should support the Pentagon!

Keep in mind that I came out of the Cultural Revolutions of the 1960’s. I used to be on the mailing list for the Weathermen. Remember those urban guerrilla bombers? I’ve been a Pentagon-hater for a long time.

US troops get tired of shooting at targets after a while. They start to want to shoot at real targets and enemy soldiers.

Further, the Pentagon always wants to fight new wars so it can try out its new weapons systems.

Furthermore, in our sleazed-out political system, both parties start wars to distract people from the party’s problems or for other partisan reasons. As far as party politics go, starting a war is like a massive campaign contribution. It’s usually great for your party’s poll numbers.

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