Alt Left: The Plot Behind the Iraq, Syrian, and Libyan Wars

A major or perhaps the most important reason for the Iraq War was that it was a Jewish (Israeli) plot to destroy one of the enemies of the Jews (Israel). Now first of all, maybe that was a good idea! If you support Israel it makes sense to take out one of its worst enemies. Iraq was certainly a ferocious enemy of Israel. But he hadn’t done much of anything to Israel in a very long time. He had been paying the families of suicide bombers money for doing their nasty deeds, but that’s pretty minor as far as Israel’s security goes.

Bottom line is that it’s a long term strategy to destroy every enemy of Israel no matter how much or little of a threat they are at the time. How much of a threat was Syria? About zero. Sure they helped ship stuff to Hezbollah but so what? Yes some Palestinian armed groups have their headquarters in Syria but they have also had headquarters in Lebanon, Iran, Qatar, Jordan, and Tunisia at the very least.

Headquartering Palestinian armed groups is a nothingburger. If you get rid of one country letting them set up shop, they’ll just go somewhere else. Anyway how does letting Palestinian armed groups headquarter here or there effect Israel’s security. It’s not like any armed actions are planned at these far away headquarters. Armed actions are all planned in the West Bank and Gaza, on the ground.

Those headquarters are bureaucracies. The leaders of those groups are figureheads. It’s not like they plan out and approve every attack in Palestine! They’re too far from the action. All of that goes is done by local factions of these groups.

Also, all of these groups have armed underground and unarmed above ground wings. It’s my understanding that they don’t have much to do with each other. The open members of the PFLP’s above-ground wing (actually they probably have a number of above ground organizations) have nothing to do with planning or carrying out armed attacks! It’s like that with much such organizations. Sure, the above-ground wing of Hamas or Islamic Jihad may decide to call for a ceasefire or give the armed wing a go-ahead to continue attacking, but the nature of the attacks themselves is all done by the officers of the armed wings.

The Iraq War killed 1.4 million Iraqis and left behind a more or less failed state in its wake. And as far as Iraq being an enemy of Israel goes, that part may not have worked out so well.

Yes, Israel turned Iraq from a potent enemy into a weakened failed state, but the ruling faction in Iraq despises Israel. It’s illegal for Iraqis to go to Israel, and I think it’s even illegal to openly support Israel. And these are the Shia that the Jews installed!

I saw a clip of the Iraqi Parliament a while back. The room was on its feet chanting “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.” Iraq’s a worse of an enemy now than it was under Saddam.

The so-called “Iranian militias” that keep attacking US bases in Syria do not exist. There are no “Iranian militias” outside of Iran and the IRGC doesn’t attack US bases. These militias are Iraqi militias and they tend to be mostly pro-Iran Iraqi Shias. Every one of these militias is part of the Iraqi Army! So the literal Iraqi Army itself is attacking our bases over there.

Iraq has indeed been a failed state since the war started. Ever read the Yinon Plan?

The document from 1981 advocated wars against all of Israel’s Arab enemies to turn all of them into either failed states or chop them into smaller confessional/ethnic states, either way making them weaker.

A recent argument is that the seminal neocon paper in 1996, A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Conquering the Realm, is nothing but a re-do of the Yinon Plan updated 15 years later.

This paper formally birthed the modern version of the neocons (though they had been incubating since the 1970’s when they were congregating around the office of militarist Democrat Scoop “the Senator from Boeing” Jackson. Some of them, especially Richard Perle, signed on with Nixon and became savage Cold Warriors. An important group is in this regard is called The Center for Security Policy.

This stink tank headed by Cold Warrior Frank Gaffney was one of the first and most important neocon organizations. It was formed in 1988 at the tail end of Reagan’s rule. As you can see, the neocons go back at least 35 years.

It’s full of active duty and retired US military. The purpose of this group and of Israel and supporters in the US seems to be the marriage of the US and Israeli militaries. As these militaries get more and more married, the more cemented in the military alliance becomes and, the longer the alliance goes on, like an actual marriage, the harder it is to break up.

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