How the US Has Supported Nazis in Ukraine Since 1945

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The US funded several operations supporting fascist nationalists in Ukraine: Project Icon, Project Aerodynamic, QRPLUMB, etc. from the late 1940s to 1990. The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and its militant arm UPA helped take part in the Holocaust.

Although there were factions within the OUN, the Bandera-led faction proved more militant and was the primary one the US backed. Bandera’s father, Andrii, was a homicidal nationalist even before Nazis appeared in Germany. He took part in pogroms to hunt Jews and minorities long before there was any fascist government anywhere in Europe.

The OUN formed in the 1920’s. It formed when the older League of Ukrainian Fascists (creators of “Slava Ukaini”) joined with other nationalist groups and rebranded themselves. Ukrainian fascism continued under OUN and Bandera’s leadership.

He and his supporters worked directly with the German Nazis until Bandera and the Germans parted ways. They did not part because Bandera opposed their philosophy. Bandera wanted Ukraine for Ukrainians without being controlled by Germany.

Bandera wanted a seat at the fascist table as an equal along with Franco, Mussolini, and Hitler. The Germans disagreed. Their difference was over who would run fascist Ukraine, not whether Ukraine should be a fascist country.

Postwar, the US continued working with OUN using Bandera’s 2nd in command, Mykola Lebed. The US CIA director Allan Foster Dulles wrote a personal letter overriding USCIS and State Dept to get Lebed in the US under a fake name with a job at the CIA-run Ukrainian nationalist publishing house, Prolog. Lebed worked there until 1990.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are over 4,000 documents describing US support for Ukrainian fascists from the late 1940’s-1990. The US also used actual German Nazis under Lt. Gen. Gehlen to work for the CIA to recruit and train fascists in Ukraine. So the roots of this conflict go back over 70 years.

They are informed by geopolitical perspectives outlined by US official Zig Brzenzinski who was echoing British Professor MacKinder who invented a “He who controls Eurasia controls the world,” which has served as an ideology and policy framework that the US and UK have pursued against for over 130 years. So in that sense, this conflict goes back more than 70 years all the way back to 1890 when the US and the UK kicked off their war against Russia.

In 2014, US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland confessed that the US had spent $5 billion from 1990-2013 to support regime change in Ukraine and the installation of a vicious Russophobic government. She said this publicly at a briefing at the National Press Club. The money paid for two coups, one in 2004 and in another in 2014.

All this time the US continued to back fascist groups inside Ukraine with the intention of destabilizing the country in order to weaken and ultimately attack Russia.

Many Ukrainian fascist groups try to soften their appearance. The modern Svoboda party started as the Social-National Party of Ukraine (literal Ukrainian Nazis). Their youth wing, C14, openly declared their Nazi affiliation on Ukrainian national TV.

The US knew what it was dealing with, who it was funding and training for over 70 years. There is a lot more to the conflict in Ukraine than this last year or the period from 2014 after.

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