Ukraine Russia War Update June 15, 2023

Ukrainian Losses

Some think Ukrainian KIA may be up to 350,000.

General Zaluzhny told the US Chiefs of Staff that he had lost 257,000 men a while back. 30,000 of those were the missing. The latest figure I heard was 310,000 from Scott Ritter with 60,000 missing, which gives us 370,000 KIA. A Ukrainian officer recently admitted in a conversation with other Ukrainians that Ukraine had 300,000 KIA. I’m not sure if he was including missing in that.

All of those figures are well within reasonable guesses.

I would say that at the low end Ukraine has lost 300,000 men and at the high end, they’ve lost 370,000. Either of those figures or anywhere in between the two is the correct number of KIA for the Ukrainians.

That would also give us from 900,000-1.4 million wounded, 900,000 at the low end and 1.4 million at the high end, which is also a very reasonable figure. So somewhere within that range is the correct # of UKrainian WIA. Probably most of those wounded returned to combat.

People have argued that losing 300,000 men means they wiped out their entire army. However, they kept replenishing their army. I think they are on their 5th or 6th entire army now. The others were all wiped out.

And Ukraine did not have 300,000 men under arms at the beginning. The AFU had a minimum of 1 million men under arms at the start. They keep doing mobilizations. They are on their 8th? mobilization now. Did you notice that figure? They have already done eight mobilizations.

On the other hand, God knows how many Ukrainian men of military age are left in the country. The figure could be very high. So conceivably, it will be a long time before they run out of Ukrainian men to throw at the Russians.

Russian Losses

Russian losses from all forces, including Wager and the LDPR, are ~35,000, although that figure is a bit out of date and I haven’t checked it for a while. Wounded are  at least 105,000 and I would estimate up to 140,000. 85

So we have 35,000 KIA for Russia and ~335,000 KIA for Ukraine. Those figures seem unbelievable until we break it down.

We know that Russian to Ukrainian losses on a day to day and week to week basis tend to run 10-1 in favor of Russia. They have been averaging that for a long time.

Russia has 10X more artillery pieces and 10X more ammo than the Ukrainians have, so we have two more 10-1 figures.

We now have three figures where the Russians are outmatching the Ukrainians by 10-1. Adding it all up, this makes the 10-1 casualty figures even more believable.

Wagner Casualties

Remember how the Western Nazi-lovers kept saying that Wagner lost 40, 50, 60,000 men in Bakhmut? That’s BS. I don’t know how many they lost on that front alone, but I know their total losses are ~5,500, although that figure is also a bit out of date.

Wagner has a force of at least 60,000 men, but it is constantly being replenished.

People don’t understand what Wagner is! All of the officer corps in Wagner are retired Russian officers. All of them. All the decisions about how Wagner should fight this war are made by Russian army personnel. Further, many Russian soldiers are joining Wagner after their contract runs out.

For some reason, Wagner is a very attractive option for former Russian military. Perhaps it is their reputation for success. So in other words, Wagner’s fighting force is full of former Russian military! As you can see, Wagner is basically an arm of the Russian Army!

The issue of prisoners fighting in Wagner is much exaggerated. I believe that they never constituted more than 5

Former Wagner soldiers in Norway did interviews with a member of the Russian opposition in exile in Norway. He reported many terrible things about Wagner executing their own men for retreating, not taking prisoners, and forcing wounded men to continue to fight.

It’s now come out that this lowlife Russian opposition figure threatened every one of these men with consequences I’m not certain of if they did not agree to confess to the material he had written out for them to confess to! You see why I have such a low opinion of the Russian opposition. The Russian opposition is very small. They only get 5

So the rumors about Wagner blocking battalions who execute retreating soldiers are just that. Worse, they’re out and out lies.

Another story is about Wagner’s “human wave” tactics and the horrible casualties they normally take. This is just the Nazi-lovers in the West projecting again. It’s the Ukrainians who use human waves and they have been for some time now. And yes they suffer terrible casualties when they do so.

This strategy is continuing during this current counteroffensive in which Ukraine is taking horrific casualties. I believe they have already lost 5,000 KIA.

Ukraine Experiencing Devastating Losses in Western Military Equipment

They have lost a vast amount of armor blown up by Russia, including the German Leopard tanks and the supposedly invincible US Bradley fighting vehicles. The Russians have been making mincemeat out of both of those. I think Germany sent first 14 up to a total of 88 (yeah I know, I’m sure those Nazis did that on purpose) Leopard tanks. Out of the 88, I believe half of them have already been blown up in just the last two weeks!

Now the Nazi-lovers are pinning their hopes on British Challenger and US Abrams tanks. I’m pretty sure Russia can blow those up too.

I don’t know why the US and its allies keep sending their military equipment over there. A vast amount of it is getting blown to smithereens and with a lot of the rest, Russia has found ways to counteract it, as with the US HIMAARS missiles, many of which Russia is shooting down. Lately they have also been shooting down British Storm Shadow cruise missiles, though those are harder to take out. Did you read that? We are now sending top of the line tanks, IFV’s, artillery, and cruise missiles to Ukraine and it’s all being either blown up or counteracted!

For a long time we heard that the US Nazi supporters in the Biden Administration were wary about sending equipment, especially Bradleys and Abrams, to Ukraine because we were afraid Russia would blow them up and make them look terrible.

US Patriot Batteries Useless in Ukraine, Blown to Smithereens by Russia!

The US recently sent Ukraine several top of the line Patriot batteries. According to the US, this is the world’s top antiaircraft battery, nearly impossible to destroy and able to shoot down anything you throw out. The Patriots had only been in Kiev a few weeks before Russia blew two of them to smithereens.

The Patriots saw the missiles coming in to destroy them but they were not able to intercept the missiles, so, knowing they were going to be destroyed, they fired off their entire 30 missile battery to avoid a huge explosion if those were hit along with the battery. One battery costs $1 billion. Each missile costs $10 million. Russia destroyed $2.6 billion of US equipment in one night!

The US doesn’t seem to care that it’s top of the line best in the world military equipment is being shown up as nearly useless and blown to smithereens with ease. I’m not sure why that got over that hangup they had, but the Bidenites and the UK just keep escalating this insane war more and more. The more the Ukrainian Army gets destroyed, the more these insane Anglo countries escalate the war by sending better and better stuff.

Right now Russia is fighting a war against NATO, full stop. NATO has already sent Ukraine most of its top of the line equipment and all it is does is fail or get blown up. Although I agree that NATO would be using its full airpower and probably seapower in an actual war with Russia, so the comparison is not quite correct.

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