The “Ephebophilia” Bullshit

The Ephebophilia Bullshit

Lately there is a tidal wave of bullshit about something called ephebophilia. No one quite knows what it is. Supposedly it is someone who is primarily attracted to 15-19 year old girls and I suppose has little interest in anyone older. Well, those people probably don’t exist. There’s no such thing!

And anyway we will see below that all men have extreme and maximal arousal to 17-19 year old girls. They’re more turned on by them and slightly older women than to any other group. So by that definition, Ephebophilia is as normal as the sun in the day and the moon at night, and every single normal man on Earth is an “ephebophile” of this type.

However, Ray Blanchard did discover a group he called Ephebophiles who had a primary attraction to 15-16 year old girls. I imagine they were probably quite attracted to younger teens too, but the kicker was that these Ephebophiles all reacted very strongly to grown women. Not quite as strongly as to teenyboppers, but they were aroused at a high level, 84

Now we get to the juicy stuff. What about regular guys? Teliophiles like me. Guess what? All normal men, that is teliophiles, react maximally to women age 17+. I understand that they react strongest to 18-24 year old women, but I don’t know much beyond that. Therefore, it is absolutely normal for any man at any age to be extremely aroused, as turned on as he can be, by 17-19 year old girls.

On the Net people are using “ephebophilia” to mean any attraction to girls aged 15-17 or 15-19. Any attraction. Not extreme attraction. Any attraction. Ok, by that definition, as we noted above, every single normal heterosexual man on Earth is a Goddamned ephebophile.

As you can see, the feminazis are up in arms over this idea that “ephebophilia” is not as bad as “pedophilia.” Well, what’s their definition of it? Really, any definition you use, ephebophilia is still not a problem, and it is not abnormal in any way, shape or form. There’s nothing wrong with it. If you’re an ephebophile, congratulations! You’re normal! Even the more restrictive definition is no great shakes because even this type of Ephebophile is not a whole lot different than any average, normal, healthy man.

I would like to point out just how normal it is for men to be extremely turned on by 15-16 year old girls. Even normal, non-ephebophilic men, who are maximally attracted to females 17+, react at a very high level to 15-16 year old girls. They react to them at ~83

Next time some sex fascist retard starts talking about “ephebophilia” in some dumbass way, tell them to shut up or else. Read them the riot act and if they don’t shape up, run them out of your life on the bullet train. I don’t think any sane man needs sex fascist clowns in his life. Morons are bad enough as they’re everywhere and there’s no escape, but a lot of them have a good excuse. There’s no excuse for being a sex fascist. The only people who belong in woodchippers in my opinion are the sex fascists!

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One thought on “The “Ephebophilia” Bullshit”

  1. The sex fascism is so bad I find myself reading actual pedophile blogs and feeling a breath of fresh air, freedom, and a lifting of oppression. I don’t even agree with these people!

    In the end, the government was allowed to heavily intrude into people’s personal lives by the insane moralist mob. On the left, it’s the feminist #Metoo everyone is a rape victim of heterosexual men brigade (the kind that just ruined Japan), on the right, it’s the child sex trafficking groomer hysteria closeted hypocrites – this unfortunately includes modern Russia. It’s so depressing, man. These people suck the joy out of life completely.

    That leaves some places in Latin America and Asia as the last bastions of sexual sanity. We’ll see how long they last.

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