Delphi Murders Update June 15, 2023

Our private Delphi sleuthing group is the best on the Internet and has been since it was founded five years ago in 2017.

Unlike any other sleuths, we have learned who the police previously fingered as the main suspects in the crime, and we have a good idea of what happened during the crime and what the crime scene looked like.

Best of all, much of our information is via solid sources such as search party members, official case documents, and police sources who leak to us.

So far, we have been proven correct about a number of bits of information that we released about the case that only the police could have known. A number of these facts were later released to the media.

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First of all, in possibly the most important news, I am working with one of Rick Allen’s attorneys, Andrew Baldwin and Baldwin’s private investigator. I am assisting them with the legal defense of Rick Allen. I cannot say enough positive things about either man. Andrew Baldwin is quite a charmer. I talked to him on the phone for maybe 15 minutes, and somehow or other, I was talking to my best friend. And I’d just met the man.

As you may assume, I am absolutely certain that Rick Allen did not kill those girls. Now that doesn’t mean he didn’t do it. Perhaps he did. But it’s my opinion, and opinion is what it is, that he’s not guilty.

The following is a conversation we had in our group recently. Yes, we are still around! Not very active, but alive and kicking? Yes, barely.

RL: Yes, KK’s cellphone said he was in Peru, right? So we figure he was in Peru. But when they asked him if Libby showed up at the bridge to meet him that day, he said, “She never showed up.” How does he know that if he wasn’t there?

Group sleuth: Unless KK set Libby up to meet someone else, and when that person got there, she wasn’t there and that person reported that back to KK. Maybe that person was RA. He did say he was in the Park. Maybe he was there to meet Libby through KK, and he got to the area of the bridge, and she wasn’t there.

He called KK back and said, “What happened? You told me you had this set up.” KK tells the LE about that and says, “You might want to look into this guy. He was looking to hook up with Libby.” Says she didn’t show, but who knows.

Just a thought.

Everything after that blockquote above was written by me.

RL: I’ve been thinking about this for some time.

Thank you. That’s absolutely perfect. And one of our sleuths and I think the killers may have tried to lure KK and/or RA to the bridge, we suppose to set them up to take the fall. We also think they set up maybe four other people to take the fall. Remember that one of our suspected accomplices of the killer, Mr. Z, was the computer guy for KK’s computers and phones!

And Mr. Z installed a dongle on KK’s computer without KK knowing. KK didn’t know what it was and just left it there. But with that thing, Mr. Z can get right into KK’s computer and pretend to be different people and even take control over the computer and make it do this or that.

Remember how in the KK transcripts there are two different people talking, KK and an unknown other person? Remember how KK’s conversations keep getting dropped and he keeps losing his connection? Well, that’s what happens when you’re being hijacked. I can’t quite fit it all together, but there may be something there. And there is something terribly wrong with Mr. Z.

I have no idea if he had any involvement in this mess or not, but I think he’s one Hell of a suspicious person! On the other hand, suspicious people have been a dime a dozen in this case. Remember how Mr. Z flew a drone over the murder scene exactly one day before the murders as an employee of Google Earth? He mapped out the entire area where the crime was committed with a drone the day before the murders!

They ain’t got jack on this guy.

Look. The state’s case is that he’s the guy on the bridge, ok? If he’s not the guy on the bridge, he walks. Period. The state isn’t presenting 20 different theories about what RA might have done. Their case is simply,

He’s the man on the bridge, so we say he killed the girls, but we can’t prove it so we’re going after him for this Felony Murder BS which doesn’t even make sense because you only use Felony Murder when someone commits a felony and in the course of that felony, another person dies accidentally or incidentally as a partial result of this felony.

You don’t get to use it as:

Well we can’t prove this guy killed those girls, but we think maybe he kidnapped them and they died incidentally or accidentally afterwards.

Really? How the Hell did they die accidentally or inadvertently? That crime looks awfully deliberate and planned to me.

Their whole case is invalid right there. I’ve never seen a Felony Murder statute used like this in my life!

If you think he killed the girls and you can’t prove it, but you think you can nail him on kidnapping, fine! File on kidnapping. They file, try, and convict killers, even serials, on kidnapping all the time when they don’t have enough evidence to pin murder on them. So this a use of a Felony Murder statute in a way I’ve never seen it used before, and it is probably a serious abuse of what the law was intended to do.

Rick’s car doesn’t match. We have three different descriptions of the suspect vehicle backed up at the CPS building. None of those descriptions matches Rick’s car in the slightest.

Rick didn’t even park at the CPS building. He parked at the Farmer’s Insurance building some ways away.

Nobody saw Rick wearing a deer kit. That’s quite significant, is it not?

Nobody saw Rick with his face covered up with a scarf. Isn’t that BG’s get up? Didn’t people see him with his face covered on the trails that day?

Three people saw Rick with no scarf and no deer kit.

Where were those items? Did he put the scarf on later? Did he have it in his pocket? How does this jibe with people claiming they saw BG on the trails with his face covered up with a white scarf? Did Rick wear the white scarf on the trials for a while so a person or two could see him, take it off for no good reason and consequently meet three groups of girls and then put it back on when he got back on the bridge?

Where’d the deer kit come from? BG has as deer kit. Three parties saw Rick. None of them said he had a deer kit. That means he wasn’t wearing a deer kit. Did Rick bring a deer kit to the scene, stash it somewhere like an idiot, walk around on the trails for a while without a pack, and then right before the crime, go fetch his deer kit from under the bushes where he put it for no good reason, put it on, and then walk down the bridge with the pack on? See how none of that makes any sense?

Did Rick have binoculars with him that day? We know that BG used binoculars to spy the girls because that’s what the police said. One of my sleuths and I think he spied them from a deer stand. Why did nobody notice Rick’s binoculars?

Did Rick have a gun with him in his jacket that day? BG clearly has a gun in his jacket. But no one saw one on Rick?

BG has a large object, that the police told us is a bottle of toilet bowl cleaner, in his left jeans pocket. It’s quite clear. None of these parties of girls saw this heavy object weighing down his jeans?

Time. Rick left the bridge at 3:05 PM. The killer was still at the scene at that time. He made it back to his car and left at 3:35 PM. The killer was still at the scene by then.

The killer is seen leaving the scene at 3:55 PM, bloody and muddy. RA has been gone for 20 minutes by then.

Strength. The killer was very strong and dragged Libby for some distance. RA is an out of shape, obese middle aged man. He look strong to you? Me either.

Height. The FBI says BG is 5’8-5-9 and weighs 170-180 with a BMI of 26.5 a bit of a typical slightly overweight middle aged man with a belly. Several re-enactions of the scene using special instruments were done by Youtubers. They all measured BG’s height at 5’8-5’9.

Rick Allen is 5’4! Not 5’8, not 5’9, 5’4! That is a diminutive man. Does BG appear to be a diminutive man? Nope. RA is 170-180 pounds. This gives him a BMI of 31.5. He’s obese. Is the guy on the bridge obese? Of course not.

Look, their whole case is gone right there.

RA deliberately turned himself in. He casually mentioned to a friend that he was at the bridge around the time of the murders. Surely the killer would not say something so stupid to a friend. This killer is one slick bastard. He’s not stupid at all.

The friend says you need to go tell the cops right now. Like a good citizen, he reports this to the police.

No killer, if they are not a suspect, goes to the police and volunteers that they were at the scene at the time of the murders. Nobody does that. Nobody but nobody but nobody. Nobody with this killer’s smarts, that’s for sure. We hear all these crap excuses on the lame-o Reddit forums:

“RA went to the cops and reported he was there, so they would clear him right away and he would walk.”

LOL no one does that. That’s stupid. Maybe the dumbest criminal ever, sure. BG is not the world’s stupidest criminal, which he would have to be according to the cops’ joke a case against him.

Did Rick ever talk about the crime to anyone or seem interested in it or obsessed with it? Nope. Killers are often very interested in the crime.

Few others things.

He doesn’t appear to have the personality or demeanor of someone who would do this. Further, for someone of his personality and demeanor to suddenly become a depraved serial killer at age 48 is almost if not completely unheard of. In fact, I can’t recall one case, and I’ve been studying these killers intensively for 40 years.

Rick’s described as a nice guy, the nicest guy you ever met. I’ve read personality profiles of countless depraved killers over 40 years. Haven’t seen one yet referred to as a nice guy. Not one. It’s really not possible for someone to be a depraved serial murderer and also come across as the nicest guy you ever met. Psychopaths are pretty slick, but they aren’t that slick.

Rick’s reaction to the arrest makes no sense if he were the killer. Rage or outrage at first. I’d be pissed too. These types don’t usually look outraged and furious when they catch them. I can’t remember the last time I saw one who looked outraged that he got caught.

Except Jeff MacDonald. Ok, that’s one. But he’s a one-off. He killed his family in one rage-filled, flipped-out evening. He wasn’t a calculating, cold, depraved serial type. He wasn’t even a calculating, cold-blooded spree killer. He was just a typical “man kills his family” rage killer. Those guys are a dime a dozen, and they can be a lot more normal psychology than you think because the crime is a one-off. It’s not their basic nature.

I don’t know why it is, but in general, with MacDonald being an exception, psychopaths don’t think it’s an outrage that they got caught. They are not that deluded. Anyway, MacDonald looks like more of a narcissist than a psychopath. In fact I’m not even sure he’s all that psychopathic.

His whole pathology screams narcissist to me, and yes, narcissists can absolutely flip and murder their families and then act outraged that they are suspects. That’s because the whole life of a severe narcissist is a lie. Everything’s fake. Nothing’s real.

A psychopath, on the other hand, is quite grounded, and he is actually incredibly sane, probably far saner than most of us who tend to be a least a bit neurotic. A psychopath is shockingly, frighteningly sane. He’s so sane he’s scary.

Think if you or I or anyone you know tried to commit a horrible serial type murder. In the first place, we’d be scared shitless, and the adrenaline would be going so fast that we might even find it hard to walk, talk, or move. A psychopath, in this situation, is cool as a cuke.

And if we tried to commit a crime like that, even if we somehow succeeded, I’m quite certain that we’d make countless mistakes because we’re literally too neurotic to successfully commit crimes like that. Not to mention the insane guilt and stress that we’d deal with afterwards. I’d be amazed if we could look at ourselves in the mirror again. The guilt would probably be so burdensome that we might even have to turn ourselves in at some point. Either that or suicide out.

The reason psychopaths can commit these perfect crimes is because they’re not the tiniest bit neurotic. A psychopath is more like a machine than a human. They commit perfect crimes because only someone that frighteningly sane could do such a thing.

That’s why it’s so hard to catch them. If they were nuts, we’d catch them right away.

After that, in Ricky, we see confusion, bafflement, disorientation. Never seen a sane depraved serial type killer look like that either. But it’s perfect for

How the Hell did I get my innocent ass into this mess?

Then he completely falls apart. He’s having some sort of a psychotic break. It’s not schizophrenia. He’s too old for that, and he has the wrong premorbid personality for late onset paraphrenia. Never seen a depraved serial killer fall apart and go psychotic after he’s caught with no signs of disorder prior. But it’s perfect for

I’m an innocent guy getting railroaded for two of the worst murders ever, and my life is shit flying south at 7 G’s.

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  1. Who are the three parties that saw Rick that day at the bridge? I hadn’t heard this before. If it’s privileged private group info, I understand

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