Being Treated Like You Are Inferior Due to Your Immutable Characteristics Is a Particular Type of Awful

Feminism is based on resentment, anger, rage, bitterness and more than anything else, a desire for paybacks and revenge. Women are literally itching for paybacks and revenge. They think we screwed them over forever and now it’s time for the paybacks. And as they say on the streets, paybacks are a bitch. Few if any feminists harbor no anger at men and simply want equality. Hell, I support equality. Feminism went way beyond a desire for mere equality long ago.

Also feminists are sexist! Like all IP hypocrites, feminists scream and yell about male sexism, discrimination against women, and hatred of women while at the same time promoting female sexism, discrimination against men and hatred of men. But all Identity Politics is hypocritical like this, and that’s why IP is a garbage psychopathological condition. I almost think it should be in the DSM as a mental disorder.

Going by my feminist mother and sister, they think women are superior and men are inferior. This is an extremely common belief among feminists.

And they’re quite mean towards men. My Mom and my sister would get together and form this little “women’s gang” at family events. They’d separate themselves away from us and be over in the kitchen laughing at us, poking fun at us, ridiculing us, basically treating us like we’re inferior.

If women, Blacks, gays, or anyone for matter, complains that people are treating them as if they were inferior, I sympathize! I really didn’t dig that sexist treatment I got from my female relatives. And women say that’s how they feel when we do it to them. So don’t treat women like they’re inferior (unless they want you to, I guess, but that’s another matter). If we don’t like it when they do it to us, we shouldn’t do it back to them. It feels terrible.

Any of you Blacks out there, if you’ve ever been treated as if you were inferior due to your immutable characteristics, that is, your race, believe me, I sympathize. I got that from Blacks once deep in the heart of the worst ghetto in LA in Willowbrook.

As you go deeper into the ghetto, not only does everything get more pathological and frankly dangerous, but the Blacks hate Whites more and more. In the deepest heart of the ghetto, they really, really hate Whites!

Even the hot young Black female teachers hate us. It looks like pure hate with gritted, determined teeth and resentment bred far into the bone where there’s no removing it, surgically or otherwise, and the person doesn’t want to get better anyway. I have no idea why these hot young Black teachers in the ghetto resent us Whites so much, but they sure as Hell do.

I did have a principal, a very light-skinned Black man, who I had to go see because these, frankly, total niggers – young Black students (sorry but that’s exactly what they were) – had declared war on me and tried to bait me into attacking them in some racialized way. I forget what happened. These wastes of flesh had already impregnated a girl or two, and they weren’t even out of high school, that is, if they were ever going to graduate anyway (a huge number of them drop at age 16).

I told them that I didn’t like that, it was irresponsible, they shouldn’t have knocked up those girls, and they certainly shouldn’t be walking around bragging about it for God’s sake. They twisted my words around and had me saying a bunch of racist things I never even thought, much less spoke.

This very light-skinned Black principal called me in. He was cool and just wanted to hear my side of the story. I told them that these idiots were bragging about knocking up high school girls like they’d just won the Nobel Prize, and I had told them that that’s a bunch of crap, they shouldn’t be doing that, it was nothing to be proud of, and they definitely shouldn’t be bragging about it.

Basically a morality lesson. The principal was a great guy, totally on my side.

Later this young Black student came by my class after school and talked to me. He was a sensitive young man with a soft voice. He was deeply religious, a Baptist. I liked him a lot! As he was leaving he said,

Hey, talk to a Black person some time. If you see a Black person, and you want to talk to him, just talk to him. Don’t be afraid, just do it.

That was his advice for me.

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