More Pedophile Mass Hysteria

These are radical feminists. They’re even worse than the regular kind, if there even is a regular kind anymore. Once a woman says she’s a feminist, she’s pretty much gone in my book. At least here in the West, once they start identifying like that, they’re nuts, and they pretty much suck. They’re crazy about the male sex drive, and they’re weird about “sexual harassment” and all that BS. Also, they see themselves as victims, and if you argue with them, they say you’re arguing with them because they’re a woman and you think women are inferior.

Even looking at my mother and sister, anyone who ID’s as feminist is generally coming from a place of rage, hatred, bitterness, resentment and a desire for revenge against men.

Anyway, here is some crap from radfems who are about as welcome on our planet as cancer and mosquitoes. If there’s three things God should never have created, it’s flies, mosquitoes, and radfems.

Here it is.

Potential TW’s – This whole thread and the sheer number of people defending pedophilia, pointing out that ephebophilia is different from pedophilia and is normal, and defending men and their garbage behavior. lmao

The “Defending Pedophilia” Bullshit

No one on that thread was “defending pedophilia,” and you can’t do so anyway. It’s an inborn disorder. They can’t help it and there’s no cure. It’s a mental disorder like Schizophrenia or any of the others. Can you “defend” schizophrenia? How? Can you “condemn” it? I guess but what significance would that have?

All of these disorders exist in humans, and it makes no difference how we feel about them, whether we “support” and “defend” them (and who does that anyway?) or refuse to do so. The disorders will continue to exist and will carry on no matter what meaningless opinion we have about them!

And yes, ephepophilia in the restricted sense is quite normal, as is ephebophilia in the expanded sense, which is simply normal sexuality for all heterosexual men on Earth.

The thread is actually quite tame. There’s not much there and there are far more sex fascists than sane people.

The “Matt Gaetz is a Sex Trafficker and a Pedophile” Bullshit

We see, even in the supposedly objectionable thread above, people going on and on about how Matt Gaetz is a “kidfucker” when he was nothing of the kind, and anyway, he was completely innocent. The girl was a full blown whore, a little teenie prostitute, so I’m not real interested in trying to protect this fragile wilting flower’s nonexistent innocence.

She had a fake ID, for Chrissake! She fooled both him and Greenberg with her fake ID. At some point they found out about it, and they practiced due diligence by calling her under the carpet, reading her the riot act, and cutting off all contact with her. What’s wrong with any of that?

And he didn’t “traffic” any “kids” anyway. 17 1/2 year olds aren’t “kids” anyway, and this one was 17 going on 30. He paid this dumb whore for sex. She was in business for herself. Nobody was “trafficking” anybody. But in buying this silly whore’s overpriced pussy, Gaetz somehow or other “trafficked” her? How does that make sense? It doesn’t! Then he flew her across state lines in an airplane, thereby violating the racist Mann Act, and if there’s one law that’s got to go, it’s that one.

The Fake Democrat and Republican Pedophiles Lists

On the same “objectionable” thread, we have people going on and on with the lists of “Democrat Pedophiles” and “Republican Pedophiles.” A lot of these folks just fucked teenagers, which is a nothingburger, or at the very least, it’s not pedophilia. There were a number of arrests for CP, but no one knows what motivates someone like that.

Anyway, I’d say that the actual number of politicians who are actual child molesters is quite small unless you are including small-time local officials. And beyond that, the number of the molesters who are pedophiles is even fewer, as 80

The truth is that there have probably been few politicians who were actually pedophilic and got arrested for molesting kids.

A tempest in a teapot, a big uproar about nothing. Sound and fury, signifying nothing.

The “Twitter Is Full of Pedophilia” Bullshit

Another thing we need to deal with here is the “Twitter is full of ‘pedophilia'” BS. Well, first of, there can’t be any “pedophilia” on the web anyway. Is there schizophrenia on websites? Narcissistic Personality Disorder? Major Depression? Bipolar Disorder? How could any of these disorders actually exist on some webpage? It’s not even philosophically possible.

Apparently Twitter is full of “pedophilia!” Little did I know! And I’m on there all the time. And I do look at some porn on there and have for many years. I have no idea what these idiots are talking about. Do they mean CP? If that’s what you mean, retards, just say so. I’ve never seen any CP on Twitter.

I’ve never seen any CP on Facebook, a site that had “25 million pages of CP.” I honestly think there is little if any of that stuff on any of those major platforms. There isn’t even much CP on the regular Internet. By now it’s all on the Dark Web. I would think if I never ran across any – and I’m a pervert – how much of an actual problem is this anyway? If that stuff is on those platforms, it’s extremely well-hidden, and almost no one will stumble upon it, in which case, what’s the fuss?

The “Incels Are Pedophiles” Bullshit

There is another post on an anti-incel Reddit asking how many incels are pedophiles, hebephiles, etc.

I hung around those forums a lot, and I’d say the number of folks like that is about zero. A true pedophile could care less that no grown women are interested in him. In fact, he’s probably quite happy that way. Incels are going crazy because they can’t get a date with a grown woman, much less a kiss or a lay.

A true hebephile probably doesn’t care about not getting women either. I’ve been to their legal forums, and they think 16 year old girls are “grandmas.” You are trying to tell me that some guy who thinks 16 year old girls are old and disgusting is all upset because some adult woman won’t give him the time of day? Get out.

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One thought on “More Pedophile Mass Hysteria”

  1. In actual fact, the internet has been completely and meticulously scrubbed of any footage of any human being under 18 enjoying sex. The “child sex abuse” material is literally young people of all ages doing normal sexual stuff and sending pics to each other. The horror!

    By neurotically scrubbing the internet, the sex fascists and the government can create any scary story they want in people’s minds about “child sex abuse”, which they always mix with real crimes like torture and murder that have nothing to do with the reality of someone under 18 enjoying sex.

    For example, it is a big problem for the sex fascists when a regular person views a recorded webcam video of a 12 year old girl happily masturbating and eagerly viewing a man ejaculate to her on the other side of the computer. They hate that! That kind of destroys their argument doesn’t it?

    All of a sudden real questions arise that paint a very different picture: that doesn’t look like horrific abuse does it? Looks like the opposite? Looks like she’s doing it willingly? She looks pretty happy doesn’t she? If she can disconnect at any time, why is she not in fact an eager participant? Society told me girls under 18 have no brain development to understand sex, yet here she is enjoying herself? Are other girls doing this, perhaps thousands, perhaps millions, perhaps hundreds of millions?

    Did they all commit suicide later in life because they were finally able to understand the consequences of sex and deeply regretted their actions? Are the consequences of sexual activity for those under 18 always negative like we are told? How did humans make it to today when all of human history was basically “child sex abuse” until a few years ago? What about other countries with lower ages of consent right now, are they all simply child sex abuse societies?

    All from one video. Take away the evidence to the contrary, and push your scary narrative – the modern sex fascist playbook.

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