Russia Didn’t Blow up That Dam

Looks like the Ukrainians blew it up and then blamed Russia. I’ve been through all of the arguments so far and in general, it looks like Ukraine did it. The evidence for Ukraine doing it is quite large and the evidence for Russia doing it is sparse. There are complaints that civilians in the area will be badly effected by the blowing up of this dam. Most of the civilians on the south side of the Dnipro are pro-Russian. Why would Russia flood out their own civilian supporters?

In addition, Ukraine has tried to blow up this dam many times in the past. They attacked it with HIMAARS and other MLRS systems. This is well-documented and in fact, Ukrainian officials in the past have bragged about trying to blow up the dam. Also Russia doesn’t do stuff like that. Russia doesn’t commit nefarious acts of war and then blame the other side. The only people who do that in this war are the Nazis and their backers in the pro-Nazi West.

A third theory beyond either the Russians did it or the Ukrainians did it is the “natural” theory. In this theory, the dam break was simply a natural event. However the only way that this works is if we propose a “natural but unnatural theory.” What this means is that there is excellent evidence for some time now that Ukraine has been undermining the dam by releasing the floodgates on all of the upstream dams. This raised the water to a critical level and the dam simply broke at a weak spot as a result. Looking at all three theories, I like this one the best. It still means that Ukraine killed the dam but that they did it by more indirect means instead of just blowing up as people suspect. Keep in mind that that dam was built to withstand a nuclear bomb attack! How are the Ukrainians going to blow it up then? This article also takes the “natural but unnatural” position.

They’ve done this countless times in this war. Almost all of the war crimes supposedly committed by Russia in this war were done by the Nazis. The Nazis commit some outrageous war crime and then they say Russia did it! It’s their standard MO.

Ukraine castrated a captured Russian soldier. We can tell they are Ukrainians because they have Ukrainian medics’ gloves and they’re wearing Ukrainian sneakers. Also the Nazi Chief Medical Officer of the Ukrainian military gave an official order to castrate all Russian POW’s.

In addition, there are many suppressed reports of Donbass fighters and now Russian POW’s coming back from Ukrainian captivity castrated. Russia is trying to suppress all such reports as they think that if the Russian people get wind of their soldiers getting castrated, they will go crazy with rage and Russia don’t want to deal with it.

There was a soldier in that crime who had Asiatic features and a hat. Ukrainians linked to a photo of a Russian soldier in a Buryat militia because he had similar features and a similar hat.

However, if you look carefully, the hat is not the same. Also it figures that Ukraine would blame as Asiatic as one of the main reasons Ukrainians hate Russians is because they think that Russians are non-Whites who are contaminated with Asiatic blood. Ukrainian nationalism is Nazi-type Nordic supremacist racist nationalism.

The Ukrainians inherited their hatred of Russians for being “Asiatics” from the Germans, as this was one of their main complaints of Russian inferiority. The Ukrainians call Russians “Huns” and “Hunnics.” These were Asiatic bands related to the present day Hungarians who swept through Russian lands at one point and conquered a lot of territory.

Ukraine has been deliberately shelling the civilian areas of cities in the Donbass and in Russia. Russia rarely if all attacks civilians in this war. I would say that far more than 99% of Russian attacks in this war have been against military targets. In fact, many times, Russia has to hold off on attacks because Ukrainians have put their troops next to civilian targets.

Keep in mind also that the vast majority of  civilians in the areas where Russia is fighting are pro-Russian. Why attack your own civilian supporters? It’s bullshit! Every time Ukraine shells civilian areas of the Donbass it claims that Russia shelled its own territory! That’s insane. Further there’s no evidence that Russia ever shelled its own territory in Ukraine. That’s ridiculous.

Ukraine shelled that Enorgodar nuclear plant that Russia holds for a very long time. Apparently they were trying to create a nuclear accident there that they could blame on Russia. Ukraine kept insisting that Russia was shelling its own soldiers who were occupying the plant! That’s bullshit.

Also a high ranking Ukrainian Nazi went on the radio to call for blowing up the nuclear plant. You see why we call them Nazis and say they’re insane? It’s because of things like this. Ukrainian nationalists are fanatical monsters, a menace to all of mankind. They have to be completely taken out in one way or another.

Always remember that Ukraine shot down that M17 passenger jet over their territory and then blamed Russia, despite there being zero evidence that Russia did it and a lot of evidence that Ukraine did it. The fraud went all the way to the completely corrupted, courts in the Netherlands, a typical Western pro-Nazi country where the corrupted courts in that country convicted several innocent Russians of shooting down that jet.

Those men cannot now leave the Netherlands without taking their freedom into their own hands. There’s probably an Interpol warrant out for their arrests, and those warrants tend to be honored. Come to think of it, Interpol itself is an arm of pro-Nazi NATO is in its own way a corrupted pro-Nazi police agency.

During the 2014 War, the Nazis shot at Donbass civilians many times, killing civilians. Each of these was blown up into an outraegous war crime by the OECD crooks who were supervising the area. OECD are monitors from the pro-Nazi EU. Everything they said in that period and afterwards was a lie. Recently it was proven that the OECD monitors were actually spying for the Nazis the whole time. They were then summarily banned from the Donbass.

Remember the bombing of the Mariupol Theater where the Nazis had cynically spelled out “Children” before they blew it up with mines after mining the place? To this very day, Russia is being accused of committing this crime. However, probably 99% of the people in that building were pro-Russian.

Furthermore, everyone from the building who had an opinion on who did it stated that the Nazi Azov Battalion had mined the building and then blew it up as they retreated. The footage from the building after the bombing argues against this being an arial bombing as the condition of the building and the place of the blast makes it impossible for this to be a bomb. Further, Mariupol residents said there were no Russian planes over the city that day.

The Mariupol Children’s Hospital was supposedly bombed by Russia, killing a few civilians. However, all civilians interviewed said that there were no Russian planes flying over the city that day. All of the victims blamed Ukraine for the attack. The director of the hospital said the attack was from a Ukrainian tank which fired a shell at the building. Further, the nature of the blast as seen afterwards indicates argues strongly against an arial bombing.

The Bucha massacre. No one quite knows that happened there, but it appears that the entire event was staged by the Ukrainians and was then blamed on the Russians. However, residents of the town and journalists who were there stated that Russia had not harmed one civilian the whole time they were in charge.

We also have audio tape of Ukrainian Nazis moving through the town executing everyone wearing a white armband. The white band indicated to the Russians that the civilians were friendly. Hence this was a mass murder event against any civilian seen as “collaborating” with the Russians.

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