Low Black IQ’s in Africa Is a Five-Alarm Fire with No One to Put It out

Polar Bear: Not an IQ guy but the highest IQ in Africa is higher.

Not in Sub-Saharan Black Africa it’s not! Or even anything south of North Africa. I believe some of the IQ’s in North Africa are a bit higher but not by much. And their children tend to get a 5-point IQ rise if they move to Europe via a Flynn Affect. The children of Moroccan immigrants to Europe have IQ’s of 89. Their parents’ IQ’s were 84. That’s very close to the ideal IQ to have a functioning modern society, which I figure is ~90 IQ.

Sadly, Africans have the lowest IQ’s on the planet. I don’t hate them for it because I don’t blame people for picking the wrong parents or things that are outside of their control. Their IQ is so low that it seriously messes up their societies to the extent that I very much for some IQ-raising method even it came down to gene splicing or whatnot. That damned low IQ over there is like a five-alarm fire going off with no one putting it out. More than any other emotion, the way I feel about Africans’ intellectual poverty is sadness, pity, and frustration, with a topping of fear for the future to boot.

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