If You Can Never Admit You Are Wrong and You Never Apologize for Anything, You’re a Lousy Person

Admit that you are wrong and that you’ve been wrong in the past.

Admit that you made mistakes and even failed in the past, generally repeatedly. You’ve not supposed to make mistakes and fail all the time but to do so once in a while is the human essence, as that Latin phrase sums up.

It’s really ok to fail. I’m ok with most of my failures. I was trying my hardest at the time and I was failing anyway. I was limited by minor mental illness a lot of the time. The other times when I was more well, I simply did some stupid stuff I could kick myself for now. I wasn’t being very brave. I was being passive, shy, and cowardly.

But that’s ok too. I’ve learned from that and if I had to do it over again, I would do it differently.

I also had some panic attacks and some weird, minor freak out stuff because “It was all getting to be too much more me.” I do feel about those and I’ve resolved to try to never do that sort of thing again. And I’ve kept that promise to myself. And nothing is “too much for me to handle so I have to flip out and panic and act like a moron.” I can handle anything, or at the very least I won’t flip out and panic like I used to no matter what.

I definitely acted like a serious asshole quite a few times (though much less than the average person, who seems to dish this stuff out liberally) in the past, and in general I feel bad about that. I’ve resolved to not do it anymore, and I generally keep to the promise, though now and again, quite rarely actually, I act mean and insult someone just to be an asshole. It’s unfortunate that I act that way and it’s uncalled for. I guess there’s still work to do.

Think about this some time:

All you can do in life is try your hardest. You’re do anything more than that!

And for many people, even if they try their damned hardest at this or that all day long (typically social interactions), they will still fail. Everyone will hate them for failing, but the truth that they probably tried 5-10 times harder than the people who hate them who do these things as if they come naturally.

When you fail and screw up, ask yourself,

Did I try my hardest and fail anyway?

If the answer is yes, there’s no more room for discussion. If the answer is no, I myself believe you should try harder and give it your all. I’m not extremely impressed for people who don’t even try or half-ass things. But see here for more on that.

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