How Success Breeds Confidence and Failure Breeds Cowardice, Shyness, Timidity, and Solitary Behavior

If you try do something, say, interact with others, over and over again, endlessly, trying your hardest, and nevertheless fail and get rejected the vast majority of the time, a lot of people are just going to hang it up and quit trying.

That’s true with anything. Anything in life, you can try and try and try, and at some point, if you still can’t do it, most folks just throw up their hands and say,

Screw it.

They don’t want to try it again because they figure they’ll just fail again like they did multiple times before. I really don’t blame people in this situation for giving up hope and not trying anymore. They perceive that any attempt to do the thing will end in failure, rejection, etc. and statistically, they’re probably correct.

Your average Normie says,

So what! Just keep trying anyway! You’ll get the hang of it after a while!!

Well they haven’t had to deal with the tsunami of failure and rejection that this other person had.

Speaking from experience, when social interactions tend to go well and other people give you a good response when you interact with them, you feel positive about social interaction, and you are not afraid to walk up to people and start interacting with them. You’ve succeeded at this so many times in the past that you figure, by the odds game, you’re likely to succeed again. Sure, of course you will fail and get rejected even when you are successful like this, but it’s much less likely to happen then if you’ve been failing at this forever.

This is a very simple explanation of how success and acceptance breeds confidence, and failure and rejection breeds low confidence, shyness, timidity, solitary behavior, etc.

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One thought on “How Success Breeds Confidence and Failure Breeds Cowardice, Shyness, Timidity, and Solitary Behavior”

  1. Damn. You’ve described how I’ve been feeling lately. Here’s the song “Eddie Vedder” from the band Local H. There’s a line in there that go’s: “That’s it/I quit/I don’t give a shit…”

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