How Projection Works and Why People Project

Rambo: Isn’t that sort of what Scientologists do? “Whatever label you attach to me is simply a reflection of what you are.” I’ve seen that here and there over the years.

LOL! It’s called Projection. I didn’t really get hip to this psychological defense until about twenty years ago. In that time I have been stunned by the extent to which humans use projection.

And the shittier and more aggressive and Cluster B you are, the more you project. One tell if someone is projecting is to see if they ever blame themselves or apologize for anything. Pretty much guarantee that heavy projectors see themselves as flawless. They never admit that they were wrong or that they failed or screwed up at anything.

They’re just fine! And they flip out if you offer anything that could possibly be construed as aggressive. In fact, they typically take your harmless comments and twist them around label them with aggressive intent when you had no intention this way. While they are perfect and you don’t dare criticize them, they dole out criticism to you of typically heavy-duty and massive sort like carbon dioxide out of their mouths.

They’re hypocrites, like all shitty people!

These people are shitty. Bottom line is they’re haters. They’re full of hatred and contempt for many but not necessarily all people. They make you feel inferior with their constant attacks. But their lives are typically not bowls of cherries either. Their lives tend to be screwed up and in fact, I suppose you could describe them as failed in a lot of ways or even as “losers,” though I don’t use words like that myself.

With a lot of people, the more they fail in life, the more they construct this emotional walled castle around themselves, the motto of which is,

I’ve never done anything wrong! I’ve never failed at anything! I’ve always been right! Nothing bad that happened to me in my life is my fault! It’s all the fault of other people!

You have ever noticed that the angrier and meaner the person is, the more they never apologize even once about anything. The two things are related! If they’d go easier on themselves and admit they made a few mistakes here and there, after all,

Errare humane est.

they wouldn’t have to be so angry and project all the time like they do.

What’s really going on here is that deep down inside, the lie isn’t working because there’s a part of themselves that they hate that knows full well how they’ve screwed up their lives and created failed existences. They feel guilty about this. So all day long they project away those feelings of guilt as rage onto others.

I’m not at fault. You’re all fault!

They’re projecting away their faults as other people’s faults. By projecting them away they hope to get rid of the feelings of guilt and failure, but I don’t think it works. Because they project away guilt as rage all day long, then they go to sleep and wake up the next day and still feel like failures. So they have to spend that whole day projecting away these feelings of failure onto other people:

“I didn’t fail, you failed!”

See how that works?

If you criticize others all the time but they can’t criticize you, you’re a real POS of a person. Nevertheless, these people are everywhere, and they are especially common as adults. Kids’ egos tend to be rather weak and ill-defended. After all, they’re kids and they will fail at most adult tasks they try.

And it’s odd the way that this lousy personality is supported by other adults in society. It’s actually socially acceptable to be this way! That’s probably because all the other adults are doing this on some level themselves.

Anyway, don’t be a typical POS adult like this. If you do, you’re a bad person!

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