Alt Left: The US Has No Vital Interests in Our Conflicts in the Middle East

We simply have no valid national interest in war with Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, or Iran. All of our fighting over there is due to our alliance with Israel, but in the case of Iran, we also gathered up a lot of Shia-hating Sunni bigots in North Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain, Kuwait, and the UAE.

A lot of the US elite wanted to get Saddam because he was their bete noire, and we had unfinished business with him from 1991. Before that, he was our best pal, and we used him as a battering ram against Iran.

Same with Iran – the elite has a blood debt with it dating back to the Embassy takeover.

I suppose you could say the war on Libya was revenge, but it’s common knowledge by now that Libya didn’t shoot down that Lockerbie plane, but one wonders how many of these elite neocons believes that that because their minds are so distorted by lies about so many things. Instead it was blown up by the PFLP-GC Palestinian group contracted by Iran for $10 million.

The motive was revenge for that passenger jet of Iran’s that the USS Vincennes shot down, completely by accident and human error IMHO. The captain got his mind set on the idea that that was an enemy plane and no amount of contrary evidence would change his mind.

What on Earth our motive for war with Syria is happens to be beyond me other than being an ally of Iran and supporting Hezbollah.

We have a blood debt with Hezbollah too over the 1982 Marine barracks truck bombing. But Hezbollah didn’t do that. There was no Hezbollah back then. Hezbollah wasn’t formed until 1985. The group that did it was a tiny group called Islamic Jihad that was the child of Iran, hence the author of the attack was Iran. Yes, some of the guys involved in that groupuscle later joined Hezbollah including Imad Mugnieyeh, the author of the attack.

Hezbollah did kill a US pilot on a jet they hijacked. Mugnieyeh even pulled the trigger.

And in 1987, a CIA agent in Lebanon was was captured by Hezbollah two years before was executed, with his hanging body displayed on tape.

We may have blood debts with Hezbollah over over the Navy pilot and the CIA officer, the latter of whom got what he deserved in my opinion.

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