Israel, 911 and the Aftermath, and the Israel Lobby

Honest Guy: Like the readers of his site, Ron Unz is a genocidal Nazi maniac who has no legitimate place physically on this earth.

Yes, I’ve corresponded with him a bit. He doesn’t always write back but sometimes he does. I don’t get him. Does he think that this Nazi-style antisemitism he promotes and harbors is not going to blow back on him at some point?

He intercepted one of my comments on his site and said I seemed very smart but ignorant. He pointed me to a few of his articles about Jewish (probably really Zionist) conspiracies. One said the Jews (or Zionists) killed JFK. Another said the Jews (or Zionists) did 911.

As both were presumably motivated by support for Israel, I suppose it would be correct in saying Zionist Jews were the supposed perpetrators, but I get tired of this endless shorthand of using Zionists for Jews and then ascribing all manner of antisemitic evil to “Zionists,” while leaving the “Jews” themselves out of it. Except 89% of Jews (minimum) are Zionists or support Israel. If you don’t like Jews, fine, come right out and say it. You certainly have a lot of company. But coding Jews as ok and “Zionists” as the nadir of evil is intellectually dishonest to me.

There’s no way Israel killed JFK. Not buying it. I haven’t looked into it much, nor do I wish to. I’m sure they were not very happy about him, but they’re not happy about lots of people and they don’t resort to killing them.

Israel did not do 911. However, it looks like Mossad was following some of these guys around and surveilling them when they were in the US. There’s a reasonable suggestion that Israel had an idea of what was up but didn’t tell us. I think they said they warned us three weeks before, but we blew them off. A warning came in to the Odigo instant messenger system a couple of hours before the attack. Odigo is based in Israel.

There’s way too much suspicious stuff with the five Mossad spies (the famous “five dancing Shlomos” the antisemites like to talk about) taking photos and cheering on a rooftop in NY, the very weird “art student” Mossad network that unraveled in the days afterwards, and other very suspicious things. There were something like 70 Israelis (probably all spies of some sort) who were arrested soon after 911 on suspicion of involvement. A number of them made angry statements along the lines of “Now you know what we deal with…The Palestinians are not our problem – they are your problem too.”

Obviously 911 was great for Israel, and Netanyahu even said as much. Now Israel’s war was our war too. Condoleeza Rice also said there was a big upside to the attacks. The Project for a New American Century did talk about the need for a “Pearl Harbor” type attack to put their Israel-centric project in motion, but that’s not evidence that they were in on it. It’s a bit suspicious though.

The PNAC crowd were not all Jews. There were some Cold Warrior Deep State Gentiles in there, like James Woolsey, former CIA head. They also managed to roll a bunch of high-ranking US military officers, serving and retired, into their network. This has been an Israeli project forever – to try to marry the two militaries, a project that’s already de facto reality. I’m really sick and tired of this project, by the way.

We’ve pretty much handed the keys to the castle over to Israel in a lot of ways as far as aspects of our government and some of our foreign policy. We gave them the keys and said,

Here, do with it what you will. Don’t mind us. We’ll go sleep in the yard while you have the run of the mill of the place.

I assume it’s all about the Benjamins, but it makes me sick. Why we have to butt in on one of the two lousy sides in that conflict is beyond me. And yes, I’m not happy with Palestinians either, though I despise Israel. I wonder how many people like me have had it up to here with both of them?

The PNAC crowd sponsors Israel tours for US military officers, and as I noted, they’ve rolled a lot of them up into the Israeli Lobby in the US. All of those US military officers are now de facto part of the Israel Lobby. See how that works? The Israeli Lobby isn’t just a bunch of Jews. Is John Bolton Jewish? He’s as fire-breathing a Zionist as Netanyahu.

911 enabled the Israeli Lobby in the US to jump start their war against Iraq (which was mostly planned by Israelis, and I don’t care about all of the fake Israeli denials), and the list of seven countries the US was going to attack (many of which were coincidentally enemies of Israel). That list must have come from Israel. It gave Israel a chance to get the US military into the Middle East to fight some of Israel’s enemies for them, which we’ve been doing to a greater or lesser extent ever since.

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