With All the Talk of Possible Nuclear War on the Horizon…

The problem here is that the US is insane!

We have already used nuclear weapons (tactical nukes) twice in the last 35 years. Once near Basra in 1991 and a second time at Tora Bora in 2001.

The second scummiest people on Earth after the Americans, the Jews (Israelis) are of course the only other people evil enough to do this. The Jews have used tactical nukes on Lebanon twice now, once in the Lebanon War and again to blow up the Beirut Port. They also used one in Hama in Syria a few years ago. Note that both of these groups are wildly supremacist, exceptionalist, and hyper-moral, and manically self-righteous. Ever notice that with these groups, they’re always right and pure good and their enemies are always wrong and pure evil?

The US has a first use option on nuclear weapons. I’m not aware any other country has that. Most other countries say they will use nuclear weapons if they existence of the country itself is at stake. The US keeps expanding their conditions for use of nuclear weapons.

Now we will use them if “lots of our soldiers get killed.” What kind of BS reason is that to use nuclear weapons!? IOW, if China or Russia sinks an aircraft carrier, and we lose 20,000 sailors, we get to nuke the country that did it! This ever-growing expansion of the conditions for using our nukes has been creeping upwards for a long time now without the slightest peep from any Republican or Democrat, no matter how left or right. It happened under Obama and Trump, and I think it’s happening now under Biden.

The insanity of the US government is truly a bipartisan disorder. Not even the Squad will let loose the slightest peep about our nuclear weapons policy. Just like the Squad always votes for military budgets, no matter how insanely bloated they are. When Trump sent his insane military budgets to Congress, every year, the Democratic Congress voted to increase the budget even beyond what madman Trump had requested.

The military budget insanity and the military-industrial complex are bipartisan forms of psychosis. Like I said, even the Squad is 100% down with this stuff.

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One thought on “With All the Talk of Possible Nuclear War on the Horizon…”

  1. Americans are insane. I know many pro-nukers but they’re just exceptionalist idiots 1/2 joking or trying to sound tough. The leadership in the US is insane and powerful enough to turn barks into bites.

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