Why Antisemitism and All Hardcore “Political Ideologies” Are So Popular

Why Antisemitism and All Hardcore “Political Ideologies” Are So Popular

The thing is that that type of antisemitism is so popular because like so many ideologies, it attempts to explain everything that is wrong with the world as being the cause of only one thing.

Racists say all the world’s problems are due to that race over there. Feminists say it’s all due to the patriarchy. CRT people say it’s all down to White Supremacy. Self-esteem fetishists say it’s all down to low self-esteem. The Far Left say it’s all down to rightwingers. Antifa says it’s all down to fascism, defined with a very broad brush. The Right says it’s all down to liberals, defined promiscuously.

Nationalists say it’s all down to the nation’s enemies, country-sellers, traitors, and “anti-nationals” as the Hindutvas have it. Woketards say it’s all down to bigots of this or that subspecies. Socialists say it’s all down to capitalism. Capitalists say it’s all down to socialism, defined broadly, in all of its microforms.

A particular form of antisemitism say it’s all down to “Zionism,” defined very broadly to put it mildly. Bitter women say it’s down to lousy men, which is most all of them. Bitter men say it’s all down to women and their nuttiness and even wickedness, and it’s best to go your own way.

Christians say it’s all down to unbelievers and sinners. Catholics say it’s all down to sinners, bad Catholics, and Jews. Islamists say it’s down to infidels, apostates, and Jews, I mean Zionists, excuse me! Orthodox Jews say it’s down to the secular Jews. White nationalists say it’s all down to Blacks, illegal immigrants, and the anti-Whites.

The problems of our world if not our very own lives (Which are complex enough as it is!) are unbelievably complex. They’re too complex for most of us to figure out. Hell, we can’t even figure out our damned lives! How are we supposed to understand those of the insanely complex world? We can’t! At least not really.

Sure, we can investigate it and find causes here and there, but they’re myriad, hard as mercury to pin down, and sadly almost impossible to eradicate. On top of that, most people are not that smart. Even worse, most are not particularly wise, as they succumb so easily to emotionalism and emotional logic. Emotion is the enemy of logic and therefore of science. But science is contaminated with science-killing emotion because we are emotional humans. The problem goes on forever.

Most people are ignorant as Hell, and most don’t even follow the news or know a thing about what’s going on in their nation, much less world. I’m someone who is extremely intelligent (for what it’s worth, which is about zero), profoundly educated (in part by the state, mostly by myself), and not particularly emotional (though human nevertheless at the end of the day, so the problem’s not fixed, never will be, and arguably should not be anyway).

And even I struggle to make sense of the complex world and all of the lying psychopaths, politicians, media outlets, talking head ideologues, states, on and on. I spend a Hell of a lot of time trying to cut through the Alaskan mosquito swarm of lies we are bombarded with every day, without the help of much repellent, I might add.

Since I spend so much time on this, I’ve sort of figured things out a bit, but who has the brains, knowledge, emotional stability (Or emotional poverty!), and most of all time, to stick it through? Almost no one. If it’s hard for me to cut through the crap, how hard must it be for the average mis-educated fool on the street?

What I’m getting at it is people want a shortcut. Obsessive and conspiratorial antisemitism gives you just that workaround. Most of the problems of the world are obviously down to one thing – Jews! Or Zionists or whatever your fake name for them is.

They’re .3% of the world and 2% of the US, but they’ve got the whole world, 98% of Americans and 99.7% of the world, by the short hairs. It’s a simple tool for explaining everything that’s wrong with the world. You don’t need to be excessively or even particularly smart, though most antisemites like this are not stupid by any means, which is part of the problem – they’re intelligent and persuasive.

It’s your go-to explanation for everything wrong with the world. Got a problem, national or world? It’s the Jews. Simple go-to, just like that.

This is really what’s going on with these people, and I’ve come to this conclusion after studying Jews and antisemitism deeply for a good 25 years.

Now you’ve identified the problem, which is always the Jews and only the Jews, right? Now what is to be done? Well, I think you know the answer to that question. You have a tumor in your body or a virtual one in your body politic, there’s one solution. Cut it out. Remove the tumor. In the case of the virtual one, you need to get rid of them. You can throw them out, as has been done many times in the past and continues to be done with Orthodox Jews to this day.

Yes, Orthodox Jews are literally being thrown out of communities from Iowa to Guatemala due to their insufferable behavior, which perhaps gives you a light into a past obscured by time and emotion, defenses and ideology.

Or, there’s another solution. A final solution, as a well-known antisemite famously put it. You can kill ’em. Curiously, you can’t just kill a few of them, which might actually make sense in a brutal yet efficient way. The curious thing about obsessive and conspiratorial antisemitism is not its murderousness. It is its rather peculiar, as racist philosophies, exterminationism.

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3 thoughts on “Why Antisemitism and All Hardcore “Political Ideologies” Are So Popular”

    1. Hey thank you very much Ben for getting clean or getting clear. Antisemtism is a trap. It pretends to explain the whole world, but it ends up not explaining a whole lot. It explains a bit to be sure but not nearly as much as the hardcore antisemites say it does.

  1. Jews stick out like a sore thumb. Seen one today, teaching junior high kids how to protest. He stood out from the other teachers because he wore a yarmulke.

    Exterminationism is extreme but a mild degree of anti-Semitism is just common sense.

    Some Jews seem to possess a death wish, perhaps ruining it for the normie Jew majority. A room full of Jews are told don’t hit the red button or everyone in the room will die. If the button isn’t hit, everyone goes home with a fresh bagel and pickle soda. Some Jews will question the rule and eventually the red button will be hit, even if most knew better.

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