What Are the Definitions of Neoliberalism, Neoconservatism, and National Socialism?

Neoliberalism: Neoliberalism is simply, as my brother’s economics professor referred to it, “neoclassical” economics, with “classical economics” being that of Adam Smith, Richard Ricardo, etc., though both are quite misunderstood, especially Smith, who was a strong supporter in state intervention in the economy to prevent or smooth over the inevitable excesses and abuses of pure or free market capitalism. Neoliberalism is simply “laissez faire” capitalism. And yes, there is indeed a branch of economics called neoliberal economics.

The Recent Obfuscation of the Term “Neoliberal” by the Neoliberals Themselves

Lately there has been an effort on the part of neoliberal economic types themselves to disavow themselves of the word neoliberalism, simply because it has developed a very well-earned bad name!

From the Web:

The elusiveness of neoliberalism, however, ultimately stems from denials that neoliberals themselves have made about their efforts…

In other words, the capitalist fanboys are all lying! How shocking! A capitalist of all people, lying? Why, I’ve never heard of it!

All prominent neoliberals are all lying about neoliberalism precisely because their favorite witches’ stew of voodoo economics has been exposed for the fraud it is, and now the word neoliberalism is a dirty word because everyone found out how lousy it really is.

How do the fanboys respond? They yell,

We’re not neoliberals! There’s no such thing as neoliberalism!

as they feverishly work to promote – get this – neoliberalism! In other words, they’re lying sacks!

Capitalists are great at making widgets and quite a few services and little else, but good God are they liars! Capitalist fanboys are lying for money. And if there’s anything humans will lie like madmen about, it’s money! Sinclair Lewis had some famous words along those lines. Check him out!

Whether they admit it or not, the “neoliberal” project as described by its opponents is absolutely the economic project pushed by our modern elites here in the West, whether they say it is or not. Capitalists are like women.

Don’t pay attention to what women say. Pay attention to what women do. That’s the only thing that’s important. Also because what women say and what they do are often very different things.

What women say is mostly virtue signalling on their part and “trying to be a good person,” which is not a bad quality. Unfortunately, women are base humans at core, just lower mammals like any of us, and it’s hard to be a “good person” when your mammalian brain tells you to act like a cavewoman, screw the meanest man in town, reject decent men as pussies and fags, and rut in the mud like a pig.

Men are the same of course if not 10 times worse, with the exception that most men don’t even bother to virtue signal about being “good people” because most of us know that deep down inside we are just dogs and pigs more than humans and we quite like it that way, thank you very much. But women, well, they like to think the are better. And good for them for having such noble goals! But they are doomed by their base and lowly brains the same as any of us.

By the same token, pay attention to what capitalists do, not what they say. Don’t pay attention to what a capitalist says because they lie almost as much as they breathe. What comes out of the capitalist’s mouth is whatever statements and views are going to make him the most money. The capitalist has an odd view of truth versus falsehood. Quite simply, if it makes him money, it’s true. If it loses him money, then it’s false. Keep this in mind the next time one of these economic charlatans tries to school you on anything at all.

Neoconservatism: Neoconservatism is a type of foreign policy alignment. Its left corollary is “liberal interventionism,” which is, at its base, the foreign policy of the US Democratic Party since the Cold War and probably even before in Latin America.

Most if not all Democrats (Including members of the Squad!) are indeed neoconservative in philosophy, which by the way, has nothing to do with conservatism. And quite a few are also neoliberals on economics, which has nothing to do with American liberalism. Almost all conservatives are neoliberals, for instance, just as almost all liberals are neoconservatives. Neither neoconservatism nor neoliberalism have much to do with either conservatism or (American-style) liberalism per se.

There is indeed now a woke neoconservatism. The entire US Democratic Party follows the foreign policy of neoconservatism. They’re all neocons.

National socialism: National socialism is indeed a far right ideology, and nobody but conservative ideologues (i.e. morons of the worst sort) thinks it is any sort of Left or liberal anything, and in fact in practice, National Socialism was viciously opposed to all forms of liberalism, socialism (including any sort of labor activism or militancy), and of course Communism.

I suppose there are leftwing or even communist forms of National Socialism like Third Positionism and Strasserism, but those are not popular.

“National socialism” is simply racist fascism, keeping in mind that all fascism is not necessarily racist. Mussolinism, for instance, was not particularly racist, and yet it was fascism of the purest sort, fresh as a newly minted coin from the vault.

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  1. A fatal flaw of naming the Jew is that it attracts National Socialists. Very few can get down with that. Frankensteins of Judaism and National Socialism are PC though….

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