Tolerance, Sure. Pride, Why? What’s There to Be Proud of?

Aren’t tolerance and pride different things?

Granted, they get wired up that way and they can’t help it, so we can’t hate people for something they can’t help. I get that. But why jump up and down and cheer for it? Is homosexuality really the greatest thing since sliced bread?

You’re aware that being gay cuts 20 whole years off your lifespan, right?

I wish them all the happiness and health I wish for myself and not one bit less, but I don’t really want them around me. I want a divorce. Me over here, them over there.

If homosexuals are anywhere seriously close to your life, they’re probably causing problems.

Lesbians hate men, and I’m a man, so they hate me.

Gay men and straight men cannot be friends. They never stop trying to have sex with us.

Sure, we wish them all the best if they can’t help it, but why on Earth should I jump up and down and cheer for this stuff? A tolerance flag I like, a pride flag, not so much.

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