The Odd Exterminationism of Extreme Obsessive and Conspiratorial Antisemitism

The Odd Exterminationism of Extreme Obsessive and Conspiratorial Antisemitism

Hardcore racism descends into homicidal intent in short order. But the curious thing about extreme antisemitism is not its muderousness but its genocidal intent. It’s never about knocking off a few of the more obnoxious ones here and there, which even I might sign onto when the mike’s turned off. No, they always have to kill them all, to exterminate them, every last one of them.

I’ve studied lots of types of racism and bigotry and other than extreme Islamism, you usually don’t see exterminationist intent anymore, at least not these days.

You see it in Ukrainian nationalists, but that’s because they’re Nazis, and Nazis are exterminationist. You see it in Burma with the Yoghinga, in Sri Lanka with the Tamils, in Pakistan with Hindus, in Palestine with Jews, in Turkey with Kurds, Armenians, and any other “unpatriotic minorities,” in Sudan with Africans, in Africa with the Pygmies, with the Hutu towards the Tutsis, in Salafism with the Shia, in Iraq with Yezidis. You formerly saw it in the Americas with the Amerindians.

But even in the worst days of the South and slavery, you never saw it with Blacks. You never saw it anywhere in the Americas with Blacks. Nor in South Africa.

A lot of people hate Blacks, Muslims, Hindus, Hispanics, Asians, and even Whites, but how many want to exterminate them? Almost none. See?

Yet, with the Jews, it’s always not just kill em, but it’s always kill em all, with an emphasis on the all. Which has also been tried many times in the past to gruesome, and horrendous, voraciously cruel, and morally appalling effect.

There’s something curious about that.

Jews always claim that the next Jewish extinction event is right around the corner. It’s part of the neurosis of Jewish Identity Politics or being unassimilated. The antisemites have their go-to answer to all problems – the Jews – and the Jewish IP types have their go-to anxiety-inducing catastrophism about future events, a sort of Jewish Anxiety Disorder, and that is, that the next mass Jew culling is always right around the corner, ready to start tomorrow, or better yet, yesterday.

On the other hand though, this behavior is insensible and paranoid. If you look hard at the real world, especially the West, we just don’t have the stomach for any mass Jew-killing at the moment anyway. That last one was a doozy and quite enough for a long time, if not centuries, if not forever.

Most Westerners feel terrible about that last go-round, which is another thing Jewish IP types can’t figure out. But then a perverse pleasure in being a Chicken Little who’s never wrong and always just has their dates mixed up is part of Jewish IP and its basic neurosis, Jewish Anxiety Disorder.

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One thought on “The Odd Exterminationism of Extreme Obsessive and Conspiratorial Antisemitism”

  1. It’s odd all this exterminationism towards Jews existed before the Jew media. The media is very grating to my sensibilities. Something else must’ve grated the Europeans of old though, who hated Jews long before they had a couch to cast on.

    In the miniseries I watched Poles would kill Nazis on a train and then leave the prisoners because most were Jews. They’d let innocent non-Jews die to ensure the Jews didn’t survive. They didn’t want to be slaves to Germany or Russia, understandable. Seems like everyone wanted Jews dead but Russia.

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