Jews Acting Like Regular White People Is a Good Thing

Polar Bear: While on the other hand the Jews I’ve met behave as model Aryans unless they’re from NY.

That’s really nice that Jews act like regular White people! That means one thing – that they’re assimilated! And acting like a regular White person, or Aryan as the poster mistakenly puts it, is not a bad thing at all because white picket fence and even cookie-cutter mirror image suburbs work very well.

If there are any problems, it’s homogeneity to the point of assembly-line sameness in just about everything, suffocating conformism, partriotardism, excessive morality to the point of paranoia at the different, way too many rules, manners, and social peccadilloes for way too many things, and just a general lack of easygoingness.

But none of those things are a big deal, and having spent my life in these places, let me tell you that humans act quite good in these places. Other races like Hispanics and Asians quickly assimilate to Whiteness in these population centers.

As do Jews. Your average Jew in a place like this is quite assimilated. Now Jews can kvetch and bitch about assimilation and how it means the end of the Jews (and perhaps it does), but at the end of the day, it cannot be denied that the assimilated Jew acts vastly better than his unassimilated counterpart. Look at how Israel and Israelis act. That’s how Jews act when they don’t assimilate. Pretty lousy, huh?

And yes, most people are not totally ecstatic about Jews and we tend to give them the side-eye a bit and don’t totally trust them, and all of these are good things! They are an antidote to excessive Jewish power and the antisemitism that follows it like day follows night.

The Jews don’t control the world.

But due to our dubious attitude about them, we wouldn’t let them even if they tried! That’s good for the world and it’s even good for the Jews at the end of the day, though few realize it. As the author notes, we know something’s amiss so we keep our distance a bit and are rather suspicious of them, vowing not to let them get away with murder or even the lowest misdemeanors.

I always thought Jews acted like typical Whites too. I thought this way for the first 40-45 years of my life. Jews in the US don’t behave obviously bad, and it’s very easy to get fooled into thinking they’re like everyone else. They’re not, but they’re so assimilated here that any bad or even excessive behavior is rather masked and subtle, often tending towards the annoying rather than the pernicious.

It was not until I thought very deeply about Jews for a very long time starting at age 45, and sadly, until I started reading a lot of antisemites (who are sometimes tragically correct if misguided, hyperbolic and obsessive in their focus) that I started seeing them in a new light.

Then I started looking at all the Jews I’d known through this new lens, and, yeah, they started adding up in new ways. But still they weren’t bad people, just a bit aggressive is all. And I finally saw the clannishness, which just seemed more weird and incomprehensible if fascinating in an odd way.

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2 thoughts on “Jews Acting Like Regular White People Is a Good Thing”

  1. Was being cheeky but many Jews I’ve met are model Whites.

    I’m very sympathetic to antisemitism though.

    “You label me, I’ll label you.”

    Of course, it’s a small minority of elite Jews that deserve such attention.

    1. Isn’t that sort of what Scientologists do? “Whatever label you attach to me is simply a reflection of what you are.” I’ve seen that here and there over the years.

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