I Started Out with an Open Mind about Indians, but the More Time I Spent around Them, the More Appalled I Got

Rambo: Wow.

This is Greg’s comment after reading my post, A Brief Primer on Hinduism.

Amazing, isn’t it?

It took me so long to figure these people out. At first I thought they were just wonderful because I knew nothing about them. I started meeting some of them on the Net. And these were the good ones! Every single high-caste Indian I have ever met has defended their lousy casteism.

They do so with an utter lack of apology as if it’s right and correct and wonderful. Sometimes I think they know it’s evil but they just don’t care! That’s what I meant when I said that sometimes I think Indian Hindus seem like they worship evil. They know they’re acting evil but they don’t care and in fact, they even like it, rather gleefully I might add.

Anyway, I met some of the decent ones, but even they got on my nerves after a while. They were always so grasping. You know the stereotype of the grasping Jew, right? Well, most Jews I’ve known had nothing on these Hindus! The Hindu makes the grasping Jew seem like Mother Theresa! They were always trying to get money, cooking up this scheme or that scheme to get the money, which is all they care about. The class system is terrible in that place and they suffer from a severe keeping up with the Joneses issue.

The one friend I had was making $18/year as as a journalist, which is great for an Indian, but all these high caste types he was hanging out with were telling him what a loser he was because he wasn’t making more money. I don’t mind if people have some money-making scheme, but this guy had one every time you turned around, and they all fell through! He was a great guy but he was this endlessly scheming and desperate grasper at the same time.

At one point he tried to get me involved in a company he and his Indian friends had set up in Chicago.

Get this! They immigrated here and then set up a company that hired zero non-Indians! All of the people who worked there were Indians as they refused to hire anyone else.

Yeah, Indians discriminate wildly. And this lousy company had only maybe three employees (albeit all Indians) in the US and they were even scheming and scamming as far as that goes  because were farming out as much of their labor straight back to India to save money. I thought,

These are exactly the sort of immigrants we do not need in our country!

There are horrible problems in IT now because the Indians take over the shops and slowly fire all the Whites and pretty soon it’s a near-all Indian shop. The few remaining Whites are made to feel like they need to leave. It’s worse than that. They not only hire only their own people, but even worse, they only hire their own particular group or caste and blatantly discriminate against everybody else.

The sleazy IT industry has been hand-waving all of this away and denying it, as they’re making bank off of all these Indian scabs, which is basically what they are. Every year the sleazy IT robber barons who run these companies go to Congress and plead for increases in the  H-1B (Hindu 1-B) visas. We already get 200,000 of these scabs a year, but they want more. There are plenty of Americans available to do this work but they won’t work for the low wages that these IT execs pay these Indians.

Supposedly they can only import them if they work for the same amount as an American, but they always get around the law and pay them about half as much. And though discrimination is illegal, there are sleazy American lawyer types who run seminars showing how you can blatantly discriminate against all US applicants in order to hire only foreign scab labor.

The Indians running these Hindu 1-B shops are terrible people and they grotesquely abuse their own employees in a boiler room atmosphere. It’s pretty much a sweatshop for IT workers. Of course the Indian owners don’t care because this is the sleazy way things work in India.

Look, I started out with a very open mind about these people, but the more I dealt with them, the more appalled I got. It resembles a society that’s devoid of all morality aside from doing whatever it takes, right, wrong, or indifferent, to get the money! Even Jews are nowhere near this bad.

Of course I have met the grasping, pushy, aggressive, rude, and bullying Jew (in fact I met a good part of a family of them once), and they were very unpleasant. I honestly wanted to punch the guy in the face because he was being such an ass. He had his three little Jewish sons with them, and they were all just as wicked and demanding as their nerd Daddy was.

But to tell the truth, the number of people I have met like this who were identifiable Jews is extremely small and most Jews I’ve met, including some I hung out with a lot and the Jewish woman I nearly married, were really not like this at all.The woman was always into this thing called “paying it forwards” which is essentially a very Christian form of charity with a bit of, if I dare say so, mercy.

The guy could be a bit aggressive, but he was basically an ok person. He was goodhearted and not particularly hostile towards me except when I deserved it. He felt sorry for me when I was in bad shape. I don’t know if he was a good person (though I don’t think he was particularly bad), but he was very much a good friend.

Most Jews have figured out that you aren’t supposed be a grasping, money-grabbing bastard all the time.

To the extent that they may be like this, they keep it under strict cover and at least their public face is often quite civilized, especially in assimilated Reform types.

I did know an Orthodox Jew for a while there and he was a sleazeball, but he was also a good friend to me too, and in a way, he also had a very good heart and was even kind and gentle. He openly stated that the type of businesses he was trying to set up were “scams,” as he put it, and there was usually something seriously sleazy or borderline illegal about whatever his latest moneymaking scam was.

There are indeed good people in India. Some of the Muslims are ok. Most of the Dalits are all right. And the Christians in Goa, who utterly despise Indian nationalism, are ok too. And there are some Indian guys who have seen the system for the pile of fertilizer that it is and have decided instead to become these “hippie dropout” types, and they can act quite good.

And of course a lot of the decent ones realized what a shithole they were in and immigrated here to the US to get away with all the lying, cheating, and thieving. They have even told me that if they had stayed in India, they would have had no choice but to get in on the scamming and debased behavior because if you want to succeed, there’s really no way to get around it.

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10 thoughts on “I Started Out with an Open Mind about Indians, but the More Time I Spent around Them, the More Appalled I Got”

  1. What can you say? Everything you just said about India is true. It’s sad, but if you want a demonstration of this kind of stuff, check out Scammer Payback or any of Jim Browning’s* stuff and you’ll see that Highbrow is telling the absolute truth about the shit going on in India (and by extension the U.S., the scammers’ number one target).

    *Not his real name. Jim Browning is the pseudonym of a computer engineer based in Northern Ireland whose is adept at infiltrating scam call centers in India, harassing the shit out of them, all with the goal of putting them out of business. The same with the Scammer Payback channel. Their confrontations with scam bosses and their underlings can be quite funny.

  2. India is also a fucking land-grabber, a fact seldom realized in the West. It’s good that these motherfuckers are stupid (the average Indian IQ is 82) and can only bully and land-grab their neighbors but can’t do much beyond that.

    1. Not an IQ guy but the highest IQ in Africa is higher. I know some Indian and Paki professionals, not impressed with their ethics. The oddest looking one has eyes that really bug out, they’re really diverse in appearance though. I do like one online, they can at least act like good model minorities.

        1. Malla’s a good one, I think they have embrace their inferiority on some level. Most seem to go the other way.

    2. Hey Amy, you want to write a post for us telling us your background and how you came to be appalled at these people, seeing as you seem to know them very well, I would say too well, so that indicates that you’ve had a lot of interaction with them.

      You can also write it in the comments section if you wish.

      I’m curious about how you arrived at this position.

  3. Indians are the opposite of Jews in a key way, Jews evolved and Indians devolved. Early Indian civilization is impressive, now they shit on streets and are uncivilized. Jews were beneath their neighbors in ancient times, couldn’t hold a mennorah to the glory of Rome, Persia, Egypt, ect. but they persisted. Their IQs rose through Rabbi eugenics. They may have a chip for answering to Gentiles for so long but they have very recently surpassed us. Late bloomers but they are capable of a great many things today.

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