Francis Miville on Hinduism

I will add one detail to the criticism of India and Hinduism that tells it all: Orwell’s 1984 is now banned in most states and cities of India. Why? The rulers have seen in it a not-even-so-deformed caricature of Indian society and even more so of Indian best-known philosophy known on the idea export market as Advaita Vedanta.

Unfortunately they happen to be right: George Orwell grew fed up with Indian culture for life, as he was a civil servant in India and feared that the anti-human culture of that vast human mass might seduce the bourgeoisie of the whole Anglosphere on a day that was far nearer than one could imagine and with a particularly Western adaptation.

And lo, just ten years after he made that remark, Indian philosophy together with yoga came to be pressure-sold to the whole West, especially through the channel of the Anglo-Saxon Fake Left.

Make no mistake about it: all Indian philosophies are about one thing: nipping in the bud any mental impetus to correct social injustices as the hallmark of an inferior being. Doublethink as described by Orwell is practical Advaita Vedanta. That means that requiring your opponent to be coherent and consistent in his argumentation is considered to be a blasphemy against the highest heavens. As a consequence 1984 is now banned as a “racist book against India.”

My opinion is that Hindu propaganda of any kind should be banned from any humanistic conversation space together with its author, because the first thing these assholes do is attack your mental sanity together with your elementary sense of common decency. Talking with them is like entering into a Black Hole’s gravitational pull.

Indian philosophy is namely a war against Faith, Hope and Love wherever any of them might arise in the universe. It is a vivid proof that multiculturalism doesn’t work, or better said, works in Indian philosophy’s direction only. You cannot survive as a species by the mere exercise of your virtue of toleration. People of Indian origin should be profiled until they show clear guarantees that they will behave otherwise as wanted by their society of origin.

One of the main reasons the French Empire lost in India to the British during the Seven Years’ War was that the French quite clearly manifested their intention to eradicate Hinduism like the Black Death if their administration were to take over: they would tolerate Islam as in principle it talked about the same deity, while they saw in Hinduism a system of adoration of the forces of evil in the universe that teach people how to cheat.

India is just the first big modern country that fell prey to some kind of New Age thought in history, and the net result is the horror you see. The result in the West is California as you can contemplate it nowadays. Actually Hinduism as it is now known not something very ancient in India.

It appeared in a recognizable form around the 15th century, no sooner (contrary to the big lie that it dates back from some Golden Stone Age) that is to say, well after the Muslim invasions, in a strange parallel with the Rhineland and Flemish mystics of the same time period.

There was a Hindu-like form of thought previous to Hinduism (the Sivaite current), but it has now disappeared for all practical purposes from the Hindu scene, and even so, Early Medieval Hinduism was absolutely inauthentic and claimed to originate from a tradition that never existed.

Even the Sanskrit language is in its greater part a mostly medieval linguistic creation like Esperanto except that its purpose is just opposite, namely destroying humanism through divide and rule, and practically all sacred Sanskrit texts can be shown to be fakes. In all but a few passages, it can be shown that they were composed during Muslim rule and not before.

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