Why Are Americans So Ignorant, Stupid, and Lacking in Wisdom?

I don’t understand Americans, how they can hold grudges for half a century and they always assume that stuff that never works anywhere ever is the solution to this or that problem.

I talk to people in other countries all the time and almost to a person, they are far smarter (or more wise) than Americans and they know far more about politics and the world than most Americans do. Americans don’t know shit about anything! They’re some of the dumbest people on the planet.

They’re also shockingly lacking is wisdom. They have no normal curiosity about the world outside their shores, I assume because they hold all foreign countries in contempt. The problem isn’t White supremacy. It’s American supremacy and the whole country is guilty of it. Patriotards are everywhere. Most liberal Democrats are even worse patriotards than MAGA Republican nowadays. I’ve met a stunning number of Leftists who told that America was the greatest country in the world. Leftists!

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