A Bit about Cuba

It’s just that I don’t remember one quote from Cuba about the Russia-Ukraine situation. Does anyone else?

I’m not aware that they are talking about it very much.

This is an awesome website about Cuba. Really it’s an “online newspaper.” It’s run by a revolution-sympathetic guy in Cuba. He used to live there. Most if not all of the commenters are Cubans themselves! So you can see what they really think. Most if not all of them are strong supporters of the revolution and they are way more hardline than the government.

I keep up on Cuban news fairly regularly. That site is awesome because it shows you how the average Cuban feels about politics and their country. It also shows you how the place really works as opposed to “nothing but lies and distortions” BS you get from the US media. The US media only shows the bad side of Cuba and then they blame Cubans for things that are not their fault.

Remember when there were foreigner-sponsored demonstrations all over Cuba a while back and the government arrested a few people? Almost all of the Cuban commenters were mad that the government was going so easy on these people and they wanted the state to throw the book at these people! Not all dictatorships are tyrannies. In a lot of cases, the majority or vast majority support crackdowns on dissidents and the opposition.

There’s a lot of bitching and moaning on the site though, all from Cubans. They complain but they don’t want to get rid of the system. Almost all of the problems are due to the blockade we put on them. The blockade has secondary sanctions built in that force other countries to comply with our sanctions! Like US law sort of applies to the whole world! If a ship ports in Cuba, it cannot port in the US for the next six months, I know that. There are probably quite a few other ones. The blockade costs them $3-5 billion/year and that was 30 years ago.

It’s insane. We put it in in 1961 to make lives so miserable for Cubans that they will get rid of the government. Then we strengthened it over and over. Well, guess what? It didn’t work! It’s been failing for 62 years now. How long must a total failure go on before you hang it up and say screw it?

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