Why the West Is So Russophobic?

Polar Bear: “Jews love Russia, Russians, and filthy Russian culture.” KAK.

I don’t really understand anti-Russians. I get anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism, etc. but don’t fully understand why many hate Russia. Is Russian culture Jewy and filthy? The West looks more filthy and Jewy.

What’s Russian hate down to? Mongol and Commie hatred? Lack of niceties until some Westernization? Westernization in Russia did create its own culture in the arts, fusing two worlds (East and West). Some consider that middle ground to be the Russian ideal.

The Jews who haven’t left yet are hardcore patriots, most of them. Interesting people. There’s no anti-Semitism at all against these folks. Russians don’t dislike Jews per se. They just dislike a certain type of Jew, a nation-seller, traitor, and nation-hater who always worked for the enemies of Russia and tried to screw Russia over due probably to resentment over how Russians had treated his people.

Russian culture isn’t really filthy. It’s not like that at all. It’s hypermasculine, traditional, boozing, corrupt, and violent, but the average person you meet is really cool. Besides, all that stuff is the downside of Russian culture, and Ukrainian culture suffers from all of those things in an even worse way.

I guess it is West versus East. I know the British have hated Russia forever, all the way back to the 1800’s. France, Georgia, Germany, Poland, Sweden, and Finland all got their asses handed to them by Russia, and believe it or not, a lot of them are still out for blood and paybacks.

Mostly it’s all about the USSR and the Cold War. Your average Westerner thinks Russia is still Communist and still the USSR. It’s hard to change people’s thinking habits. It all shows the power of propaganda. Westerners are easily propagandized when the state has complete control over the media as is the case now in the West.

The entire West lives under a NATO dictatorship, and NATO despises Russia and wants to see it destroyed. A lot of Westerners also see Russia as a potential competitor and a threat. When you have 100% of the media screaming in your ear night and day about the evils of Russia, it’s easy to get brainwashed.

Westerners are not independent thinkers at all. They are profoundly conformist patriotards. They’re incapable of independent and critical thinking, and they have hive minds. With gullible brains like that, they are very easy to brainwash.

However, state, elite, and NATO control over the media is starting to develop cracks now that everyone can publish their own newsletter on the Internet. There have been many attempts to re-consolidate and get this back under control. That’s what the social media companies, the censorship, the canceling, and the character assassination is all about. They’re terrified that they don’t have total media control anymore, and they are lashing out in all directions.

The West is also becoming more authoritarian too. The only reason we had freedom of speech here is that everyone went along with the Foreign Policy Establishment and the NATO dictatorship. Now that some don’t drink the Koolaid anymore, there are wild attempts at censorship and authoritarian shutting down of speech. In the “free” West now, people are being arrested and are going to jail just for supporting Russia.

As soon as people started rebelling and going against the Deep States of the West, the West got authoritarian real quick, started censoring and canceling people, and putting critics in jail. Democracy is just a fine veneer over fascism in any Western country, and your typical Westerner goes from normie to fascist in the wink of an eye.

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3 thoughts on “Why the West Is So Russophobic?”

  1. I know this is off target, but does anyone think Fidel Castro is sorely missed in all this? Love him or hate him, he would at least be lighting a fire under the asses of Russia and China to stop being so wimpy when it comes to dealing with the west. Cuba has been real quiet in all this, which makes one tend to believe there’s hush-hush talks going on between them and the U.S.

    1. I love Castro. You should check out the new guy, Diaz-Canel. He’s so great! I love him so much!

      I don’t think there are much of any talks between Cuba and the US. Trump jacked up the sanctions to insane levels, and Biden has hardly lessened them a bit. I think he’s too scared to do anything about Cuba.

      It always boils down to the Florida vote, but as Florida is deep red now for whatever odd reason, I don’t understand why the Democrats are still running scared of the Cuban Lobby. The Cuban Lobby is an ethnic lobby like the Jewish Lobby or Israeli Lobby. Each one has only one real issue that they care about, and they both claim to be able to defeat anyone who goes against them. And both lobbies are extremely powerful! US-Cuban policies are always about domestic politics first and foremost.

      1. It’s just that I don’t remember one quote from Cuba about the Russia-Ukraine situation. Does anyone else?

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