About That Soviet-German Pact

A college professor that was giving lectures about Russia was really into that Soviet-German pact. I suspect he had a chip against Russia given his ancestry.

Yes, the Russophobes are going crazy about that lousy pact on Twitter, saying that the USSR and Nazi Germany were allies during WW2. So the Holocaust is the fault of the Soviet Union! The Soviets were Nazis! Never mind Ilya Ehrenberg and the 500,000 Soviet Jews who bravely served in the Red Army.

They won’t shut up about this.

What’s next? How about the old theory:

The USSR started WW2 and Hitler only invaded to stop an immanent Soviet invasion of Europe with the intention of conquering all of Europe and installing Communist governments in each country.

Is that coming next? Why not?

Putin is fighting an antifascist and anti-Nazi war and the entire West is falling all over themselves to support the Nazis, who are pegged as freedom-loving Democrats, and bash the antifascists as being the real Nazis! We’re already rooting for Nazis, why not go full bore while we’re at it?

That’s straight up Nazi apologetics straight from the source!

I read neo-Nazis and their ilk all the time (Unz is full of them), and I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this line. There is even some fake Soviet defector who claims that this was the actual plan. But a lot of those defectors are flat out lying.

Of course the other part of it is

The Jews started the war by attacking Germany, and Hitler was only fighting back.

This is because World Jewry did indeed institute a boycott of Nazi Germany very early on, as early as 1933, due to the wildly antisemitic government they had. Obviously, it didn’t go very far, and Germany got quite wealthy and built up an economic and manufacturing powerhouse just the same.

The Jews didn’t have very much power back then. In the 1930’s, even in the US, Gentiles didn’t like Jews a whole lot. They were not Nazis of course, but most Gentiles were not real keen on Jews. So if the Jews announced a boycott of Germany, what effect would it have? Your average Gentile would have laughed and said they were not going to honor some Jewish boycott.

The Jewish Position in the US in the 1930’s

Back then, the Jews did not even have very much money. They had some of course, but not like they do now. Yes, they grabbed the media and Hollywood. Both were documented conspiracies motivated not by power lust but by the desire to keep the media and the movies out of the hands of racist Whites, who always go after the Jews sooner or later anyway.

The production of Birth of a Nation in 1916 had seriously alarmed the Jews. The movie venerated the KKK which mostly hated Blacks, but they didn’t like Jews either. Hell, they didn’t even like Catholics!

The Jews got alarmed and 4-5 Jews, all from within a 50-100 mile radius in Galicia (now Western Ukraine, formerly the Pale of Settlement) indeed bought up all of Hollywood, and they kept it for a long time. I think the Jewish hold on Hollywood seems to be lapsing though. For instance, Italians have become a major force in Hollywood in recent years. It’s not just a bunch of Jews anymore.

The Soviet-German Pact

I told my Mom about it and I said that Stalin hated Hitler and Stalin had realized all the way back in 1933 that Hitler was going to invade the USSR, hence he started preparing all the way back then. That’s how they industrialized so fast and moved all their industry east of the Urals so quickly.

She told me how when she was a little girls of 7-8 years old, her father had shown her a cartoon of Stalin and Hitler signing the pact and each one of them had a knife behind his back as he was doing it. Her father told here that they were not allies at all, and in fact, Stalin hated Hitler. Hitler had no intention of honoring the pact, as shown from his invasion three years later, an invasion which had been planned for a very long time, like almost a decade.

Stalin was just buying time and he grabbed part of Poland to have a buffer zone against Hitler. Same reason for the invasion and takeover of the Baltics (part of the Russian Empire since the 1700’s!) and the invasion of Finland.

And he grabbed all of Eastern Europe after the war because he didn’t trust the Germans, and he wanted a real buffer zone against Germany and the West itself and NATO (which he apparently foresaw) in case they tried any more crap. Don’t fall for it! All of the allies made peace treaties with Hitler, some of them multiple times.

If a maniac is breathing down your neck and he hands you a piece of paper to sign so he will quit trying to kill you, are you going to sign it? Of course you are!

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