About “Putin’s Palace”

Here is the lie, straight off the Internet:

I don’t think anyone actually believes he is a Communist when he built a 1.3 billion dollar mansion with a strip club and a casino.

That link is to The Guardian, a despicable British shitlib publication, nominally supportive of the shitlib party known as Labour. The story came out in a movie by the liar Navalsky, the Russian oppositionist. See? Now whatever you may think of Putin, I assure you that the Russian opposition is no good. They’re dirty, no-good, lying sonsofbitches and almost all of them are white collar criminals. Many have embezzled millions of dollars.

The media went crazy here in the US a while back when a story from the Russian opposition broke about how Putin owned a gigantic illustrious mansion in Crimea. They called it Putin’s Palace. I didn’t know what to think until later when someone said it was just some unfinished hotel down there and Putin had nothing to do with it. I just learned some new information that sheds light on the matter.

Turns out that Putin’s then son-in-law was one of a group of people involved in an hotel development in the town of Gelendzhik on the Black Sea. As a sales gimmick, the son-in-law offered Putin a free apartment in the complex for life. Putin refused, the complex was never completed, and to this day remains an empty shell. It was recently sold on at considerable loss by the original investors. The new owners hope to complete it sometime in the coming years.

The complex was never a palace, least of all “Putin’s Palace”. But this was the bullshit peddled in the Western MSM.

You see how they lie to you? This is going on all across the West now and the stories all have a familiar ring about them. A paper in the US, Spain, and the Czech Republic will all print the same bullshit story using the same sources and nearly the same wording. And in every Western country, every media outlet will go along without a single media voice in opposition. Some freedom of speech we have!

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4 thoughts on “About “Putin’s Palace””

  1. I read he has a gymnast girlfriend in a luxury palace. Putin actually seems down to Earth.

    Seen him in Russian banya on some show. I respect that he’s a good martial artist in Sambo and Judo, two of the best IMO. Organized Judo and some Judokas have turned on him, but he is no less good at Judo. So he’s steeped in Russian culture and is disciplined.

    I’d like a US President to follow suit. Brits and offshoots seem like they’re all talk. Biden says he was Cornpop’s nigga. Who the fuck is he connecting with?

    1. I read he has a gymnast girlfriend in a luxury palace.

      The gymnast part might be right, but no way does he have a palace. Like I said, he’s squeaky clean as far as corruption goes. They also claim he’s the richest man in the world, with $300 billion, except it’s all hidden and you can’t see it.

      Biden says he was Cornpop’s nigga.

      Who is that?

  2. You gotta remember badass Cornpop. Biden said he was the baddest nigga on the block when Biden was growin’ up in the hood. If you don’t remember Cornpop, you ain’t black. Joe got street cred bro. You know how we do it in the hood.

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