Is Putin a Killer?

Supposedly, Putin had Navalny the dissident and the Skirpals the double agents dosed with Novichok, which is almost always fatal. Additionally, he killed another double agent, Litvinenko, with plutonium.

However, I do not think that any of these things even happened. Nobody was dosed with Novichok. If they were, they would be dead, period. A weapons-grade dose of Novichok is fatal to the person and anyone around them who breathes the fumes.

It is possible to survive Novichok poisoning, but you will be very damaged afterwards and will be dead within five years with a deteriorating course. It stands to reason that if Putin was doing to dose these people with Novichok, he would use a weapons-grade dose that is fatal. Why use a sub-lethal dose so they survive and make you look terrible? It makes no sense.

The Skirpals were dosed with BZ by the MI6 to frame Russia. They were double agents anyway so they were expendable. The BZ was found in their blood by one of the non-NATO corrupted labs in Switzerland, and their symptoms resembled BZ poisoning. Their symptoms absolutely did not resemble Novichok poisoning in any way. After the BZ was found, the West immediately said the finding was in error and they sent new samples to a NATO-compromised crooked lab.

This sample was dosed with Novichok provided by Porton Downs, the British lab that makes chemical weapons to be used in warfare to this very day! However, the sample was pure Novichok, not weapons grade, and it was collected three weeks after the poisoning, in which case it would have deteriorated a lot. Nevertheless, it was as good as the day it was made.

Novichok poisoning is fatal, period. Later, pure Novichok, not weapons-grade, was added to the blood samples by Porton Downs chemical warfare lab in the UK which produces chemical weapons for the UK. It’s been proven that this was added later on.

Remember how the story kept changing all the time? That’s how you know it’s a false flag. In false flags, the stories keep changing every day. If one lie fails, a new one is put out to see if it works. It fails too and then a new one is put out. Remember how many times the Skirpal story changed? In true stories, the story doesn’t change every morning when you pick up the paper.

The Skirpals said that they wanted to go back to Russia. The British refused to return them. Their relatives kept trying to contact them, but the British would not let them. Then both Skirpals vanished off the face of the Earth.

The British said they were being hidden so Russia wouldn’t kill them when Russia had actually invited them back into the country. They were last seen in the company of the British, who said they were in a secure location. They have not been seen since. People fear they may be dead. Where have the British hidden these poor people?

Navalny was not poisoned with Novichok either. He had some sort of a medical crisis and almost died. Extensive testing found no Novichok or any other toxin in his blood. The West demanded he be shipped to the West, and he was sent to a crooked German hospital that works with German intelligence and NATO.

German intelligence, the BND, then reported that they found Novichok in his blood where no one else had found any. Russians asked to see the samples to check them but the Germans refused. Why refuse if your hands are clean? It makes no sense. Then a phone conversation between the German BND and a Baltic country was captured by Belarus and released in which the BND told the Baltic official that the whole thing was a gigantic fake and there was no Novichok.

Notice how that story kept changing too? If that Novichok had been on that man’s underwear or in his water bottle in the hotel room or any of the other fake places where they found it, that man would have been dead. Period. And everyone around him in the hotel who breathed the fumes from that bottle in that room would be dead too. And the people around him on that plane would be dead from his underwear. That’s how strong that stuff is.

The man who invented Novichok saw a tape of Navalny in the hospital three weeks later and said he had not been poisoned by Novichok because at even 1/300th of a weapons grade dose, he would have had pinpoint pupils even three weeks later, and he did not.

The Litvinenko story, another fake with a double agent who the UK apparently view as expendable, seems dubious. The retired head of French intelligence recently stated that the British MI6 had poisoned Litvinenko themselves with polonium as a false flag to blame on Russia. The Russians always denied it, and it didn’t seem like something they would do. The Russians even said that they did not care about Litvinenko themselves so there was no reason to poison him.

Notice that with the Skirpals, MI6 have now dosed three Russian double agents with toxins as false flags to blame the poisonings on Russia. If they did it once with Litvinenko, it stands to reason that they would do it again with the Skirpals.

All of these poisonings were fakes in one way or another! One was a real false flag that killed the victim. The second ones they were dosed with something else and then lab results were tampered with, then the victims were disappeared or murdered. In the third case, nobody was poisoned at all. A man had a medical crisis which was changed to a fake poisoning plot and then lab results were again reportedly tampered with, but there was no way to check as the West would not put the samples out for review.

I always thought Russia would not murder dissidents, especially overseas, with toxins. They had never done it before and even the Soviets never stooped that low.

I’m not sure if Novichok has ever been used as a chemical warfare agent to attack or kill a single soul other than the accidental poisoning of one of the scientists who discovered it. IOW, it’s never even been used!

I’d like to see some good evidence of these Novichok poisonings from somewhere other than the lying Nazi NATO countries and their controlled press machines.

I’m not even sure about Putin having people killed. I think he did have some spies killed who were double agents. That doesn’t surprise me at all. But I’ve never heard of him being implicated in any other deaths.

He didn’t kill that opposition guy outside the Kremlin. Chechens did that. The police surrounded a house with some Chechens in it who were suspected of the murder. When police raided the house, they blew themselves up with suicide belts. There are theories that the Chechen leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, a fanatical Putin supporter, had something to do with this murder. A high officer in his Chechen forces has been implicated in this murder, but there have been no attempts to put him on trial.

Putin isn’t stupid. He may be foolish, but he’s not an idiot. There’s no way he’s so stupid as to have an oppositionist murdered right outside the Kremlin. Also this man only got

I went through the list of journalists killed in Russia, and the rate of their killing was far higher under Yeltsin than it was under Putin. Most of it was connected to the Chechen Wars. The rate went way down under Putin. I could not connect him to any journalist death other than possibly one, and there were over 100 listed. Most were killed by common criminals or organized crime and quite a few seem to have been offed by local politicians at the municipal, state, and regional level.

I’m quite sure that either Putin or his allies has journalists beaten up though. I’m aware of one obvious case.

The problem is that everyone making these claims are NATO Nazis or the Russian opposition, both of which groups are the most incredible liars. Both have already told countless lies about Putin and Russia even if we only look at the last year. I’d really like to see a look at this question from an unbiased or better yet, a pro-Putin source.

Putin is giving people what they want, no? He has 8

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2 thoughts on “Is Putin a Killer?”

  1. “This man only got 1% of the vote when he ran for president.”

    1% reward is hardly worth murder. I could see a Saddam Hussein type do that but that’s the most extreme end. Putin is far more restrained.

    1. Yeah that hardly makes sense at all! Why would they even bother with this guy at all? He’s nothing, a nuisance, a knat.

      His name was Boris Nemtsov.

      Just before his murder, Nemtsov had stated: “The contract between Kadyrov and Putin—money in exchange for loyalty—is coming to an end. Where will Mr Kadyrov’s 20,000 men go? What will they demand? How will they act? When will they come to Moscow?”

      That’s probably why he was killed right there. All of the main suspects were Chechens, and most were aligned with the military unit that is loyal to the government down there.

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