A Lot of the Remaining Jews in Russia Are Patriots

RL: “Jews who haven’t left yet are hardcore patriots”

Polar Bear: Both of them?

Putin probably has Jewish blood, and his fanatical talk show guy on TV is flat out Jewish, and Progozhin is also Jewish on some level. There’s a guy on Twitter named Jewish Russophile. He’s really cool!

A lot of the Russian Jews in Israel are strong Russian patriots. They’ve had huge Russian flag waving ceremonies. We shouldn’t call them all traitors. Give them the benefit of some reasonable doubt.

I imagine there are quite a few Jews like that among those who are left.

Putin has an excellent relationship with the top rabbis in Russia, as he has an excellent relationship with the heads of Islam and the top bishops of the Orthodox Church. The old Russian Empire thing was that all of those religions were supposed to support the empire.

There are quite a few left but they aren’t advertising that they are Jews or even identifying as such.

Sort of like in the old USSR. The USSR was basically good for the Jews. As Shamir said,

“The Soviet Union wasn’t antisemitic. It was anti-anti-semitic.”

He also said,

The Poles learn their antisemitism at their mothers’ breasts.

Some of those old Jewish guys are pretty hip. One thing about Israeli Jews is a lot of them are quite honest. They bash Jews all the time! And that’s healthy. Self-critique is a healthy thing.

For instance, the Jews in the West have all lined up with these damned Nazis in Ukraine, but quite a few Jews in Israel don’t like Ukrainians and say, “Ukrainians are antisemites.” They have long memories and probably a lot of them have Ukrainian roots somehow and have stories about World War 2 from friends or relatives of anyone who survived. I like that! I like a Jew who thinks that way about Ukrainians!

You know why? Because he’s supporting his people! Now he might be an ass in all sorts of other ways, and I’m sure he probably is, but that part of him that says, “I will always oppose the enemies of my people,” I love it! I have so much more respect for a Jew like that then these Western lowlife Jews falling all over themselves to support Nazis. That just plays into the old stereotype of Jews having no basic values.

For God’s sake, I will make alliance with just about anyone, but I will not make alliance with Nazis. You don’t ally with Nazis. You kill Nazis. That’s how I see it.

Most of the haters and traitors took off for Brighton Beach or Tel Aviv. But even Israel has a lot of patriots. See above.

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14 thoughts on “A Lot of the Remaining Jews in Russia Are Patriots”

  1. Soviets have some overlap with NS. Like all the hot Hitler Youth babes working out, Soviets had similar camps for youth with hot chicks, and it lasted for much longer. The lookers appeared very similar. The Russian actors playing Vikings in a movie I recently watched were believable as Norsemen. I’ve seen so many Russian doppelgangers of fully Western women. I condemn Nazis for their stupid anti-Slavic views. To hate Slavs as a racial other is sheer madness.

    I believe the Israeli ideal is the anti-Jew. They wanted to create a Jew like no other before.

    1. I believe the Israeli ideal is the anti-Jew. They wanted to create a Jew like no other before.

      Yes, that was the “Sabra,” the Israeli Jew, born and raised in Israel. Supposed to be a sort of “new Jewish man” in a lot of ways similar to the “new Soviet man” in the USSR.

      One thing they were trying to do was to get back to the land. Jews had never been farmers. They were not allowed to own land. But a lot of Israelis thought that this disconnect from the land and unwillingness of the Jew to get his hands dirty had created a flawed character in the modern deracinated, urban, and alienated Jew. They were out to change all of that with the kibbutz among other things. That didn’t work out real great. On the other hand, there are now many Jewish men in Israel who make their living as farmers.

      I hate Israel, but I sort of like that aspect of it. I like the revival of Hebrew too.

      1. Jews are sexy. They are probably closest to European Whites, being imports from Europe, but have something all their own. They seem more free sexually in a way. Turks are mostly Anatolean (basically Greek) with a bit of East Asian, two very beautiful groups. Iranians are the Whites of the Middle East. Much of the architecture, poetry, etc. of the Middle East comes from them. Middle Earth had Elves, and the Middle East has Iranians.

        I’ve only recently met an Iranian chick from Canada.

        Northern Arabs or Levantines are hybrids of Iranian and Arab. Their beauty ideal may be closer in body to the Iranian petite than the thick Arab but with more Arab facial features like smaller eyebrows.

        I sometimes ponder the Syrian faith and their emphasis on stars. “It was in the stars, and we believed in the stars, you and I.”

        Cornelia Locke character in The English TV series.

        Southern Arabs are blazing hot. They seem the most exotic in everything from cuisine to facial features. Their women’s makeup is strong and bold. Nothing subtle about them.

  2. They also hate each other with similar passion. Kill Nazis! vs Kill Commies! This type of thinking strikes me as Satanic/animalistic. I know a few good Nazis and good neo-commies. In fact I’ve seen neo-Nazis turn into Stalinists.

    I will say Russians seem to be taking the moral high road today. So in modern times, I have to side with them and they happen to be anti-Nazi.

    1. In fact I’ve seen neo-Nazis turn into Stalinists.

      This is not an unusual transformation. However, I’ve also seen it work the other way around. In Eric Hoffer’s “The True Believer” he talks about how in Germany in the 1920’s and 30’s, people would be Communists or fascists one day and then switch to the other side on a dime, just like that. At first he thought it odd, as they are supposed to be opposites of each other, but then he decided that they were both “true believers,” by which I suppose he meant fanatics or ideologues. To people like that, the ideology is secondary. They’re just radicals looking to hook up with whatever radical extremist politics happens to be out there.

          1. He is of the sort that venerates the Nazi-Soviet pact, nothing left-wing about him at all, a thoroughly diseased and deranged racist and yes fascist ally and enabler.

          2. I’ve been worried about him and wondering about him for a long time now. I do like his prose though.

            So he’s a self-hating Jew basically? There are not as many as the Jews say there are. They always say that Jewry is full of traitors. The Jews always exaggerate how many enemies they have. It gets on my nerves. But then you look around, and yeah, there are a few dissidents and internal critics, but there are not many true self-haters. But they definitely exist all right! Gilad Atzmon is another self-hating Jew who takes that stuff way too far.

          3. Venerating the Nazi-Soviet pact? That’s horrible!

            That pact is very misunderstood though. Stalin hated Hitler as much as any man has ever hated another. The Soviets were just buying time with that treaty. By the way, do you know many other European countries signed similar pacts and peace treaties with the Nazis? Lots! The British alone signed two or three of them I think. All those countries were just trying to not get attacked.

          4. A college professor that was giving lectures about Russia was really into that pact. I suspect he had a chip against Russia given his ancestry.

          5. Yeah they really hate Russians. Like really, really, really hate them!

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