The “Russia Is a Kleptocracy” Lie

This is probably one of the biggest lies of all, and to go along with it, we have the lie that Putin is the biggest kleptocrat of all. Of course, these lying scum either know absolutely nothing about China or they are willfully ignorant and believe their own crap. The fascinating thing about “Russian” and “Soviet” experts in the West is that all theses shitheads went to school forever, learned Russia and learned more about Russia and the USSR than almost any of us.

Nevertheless, almost everything they have ever said about Russia or the USSR is a straight up Goddamned lie. As usual they went to school for many years and never learned a damn thing except how to be exceptional liars! I know more about Russia than all the Western Russia experts put together because every one of them is nothing but a lying propagandist. Propagandists are never objective. They’re always pathological liars. Don’t necessarily believe a word they say.

People in the West are some of the most brainwashed people on Earth. They are exposed to more than any other country with the possible exception of North Koreans. Worse, Western idiots believe every single lie that their lying states and media have ever told the.

We have no freedom of press in the US, we never did in the past, and we never will in the future. This is probably because freedom of the press is impossible in any imperialist country. Thing about imperialist countries is that almost the entire populations get on board with the imperialism while they all insist that there’s no such thing as imperialism, or that only our enemies are imperialists as my mother used to say.

An example of Soviet imperialism was said to be Eastern Europe, even though there’s no way that that region was ever a colony or neo-colony of the USSR and anyway, of course the USSR never had colonies or neo-colonies based on exploitation because their ruling theory would not allow them too do that.

The Chinese are the same. China has no colonies or neo-colonies because they are still Communists, and Communist theory does not allow such behavior.

Anyway, the lie that every single dipshit in the West in the West supports without fail is that Russia is a kleptocracy and Putin is the biggest kleptocrat of them all. These people are referred to as oligarchs, and they are reviled in the West except when they are not and support the West, in which case they are poor, persecuted freedom fighters. Of course, only our enemies have oligarchs running the show and our allies never do, except when they do, and in that case we deny it and say they are the greatest thing since Kleenex.

Like the Latin American Right are not oligarchs and kleptocrats! Every single one of them is! If they were not, they would not be on the Right. Of course the Philippines, Thailand, India, Indonesia, the Gulf states, the UK, Ukraine, Pakistan, Georgia, Afghanistan, and Turkey are not run of, by, and for the rich and against everybody else!

And don’t forget the US, the greatest kleptocratic and oligarchic country that ever existed! We just call our oligarchs and kleptocrats billionaires and let them run the state and the military. The US is for, by, and of the rich and opposed to everybody else. Most of the 99% support their oligarchic oppressors because most of them dream of being rich too one day, and Americans care about nothing other than money and stuff.

However, let us look at the question.

Putin is said to be the richest man on Earth, yet no one has ever proven that he has more than a modest income. All of his so-called properties overseas and in Russia have been proven to be not owned by him. The liberal pro-Western traitors in Russia lied and said a palace in Crimea was owned by Putin. In reality, it was simply an unfinished hotel.

Here is the truth.

Putin was indeed selected and groomed for his role as President by the powers that be in Russia. The reason they picked him was that he was squeaky clean! Everyone else they looked at was corrupt on some level or other. But no one had anything on Putin. He was clean as a whistle then and he’s the same now.

This guy was literally put in because he was the only prominent Russian they could find who wasn’t up to his ears in corruption! I’m sure you can say a lot of things about Vladimir Putin, but one thing you cannot say about him is that he is corrupt.

Now granted there are many oligarchs who have become pro-Putin, but they only did so to survive. When Putin came in, Russia was run by traitorous kleptocratic oligarchs. He said them “You’re either with me or against me, take your pick.” A lot or the oligarchs went against him, and a very large percentage of them were Jews. As usual, the Russian Jews worked against the state for the enemies of Russia.

However, most of the remaining Jews in Russia are very pro-Putin. In fact some of his wildest propagandists are Jewish! Progozhin is Jewish! Putin himself appears to have Jewish roots via his paternal grandfather, which he has gone to great lengths to cover up. They say in Germany, “There’s a little Jew in every German.” Well, in Russia, that’s not far from the truth either.

All of the oligarchs and all of the large anti-Putin oppositionists were and are corrupt as Hell. Putin simply said that

If you don’t line up with me, I will prosecute you for your many crimes. If you do line up with me, maybe I will look the other way at your sticky fingers.

That’s how most of the opposition ended up behind bars! They’re all dirty criminals! On the other hand, he said, if you line up with me, I will look the other way at your corruption. Corruption and kleptocracy flourished under the pro-US Yeltsin, helped along by many bankers in New York, Berlin, and Tel Aviv who raped the country bald and bought up the whole place for a dime on the dollar. In fact the US even bought an election in 1996 by using literal suitcases full of cash.

The Yeltsin era of unrestrained pillaging was one of mass murder. The death rate skyrocketed under the return to capitalism and there were 15 million excess deaths in Russia during the Yeltsin years. That’s right, the Western era in Russia was one of mass murder and thievery. Putin came in and restored nationalism to Russia and said I’m ending all this bullshit. That’s why he’s so popular. He’s giving Russians what they want.

So the oligarchs who sided with Putin were able to keep the state off their backs for a while. However, Putin has continued to crack down on corruption even under this model. In particular, there have been mass arrests for corruption in the military, which was notoriously corrupt. If you read the Russian news, scarcely a day goes by when there is not another arrest for corruption in Russia!

Now, Western turds will ask why doesn’t Putin go after all the oligarchs. Like we do here in the US? We just had the most corrupt president in the history of the US, and half the country can’t get enough of this fascist monster.

There were zero prosecutions for corruption under his rule. The truth that you cannot go against the American oligarchs because they run the whole damned country just like they always have. If you try, like FDR did, they will hatch a fascist coup against you and overthrow you just like they almost did with him. 

Similarly, you can’t really go against the Russian oligarchs either because as in the US, they run the show like they always do. So Putin makes do with what he’s got. The oligarchs who wanted to survive lined up with Putin, and all the ones who didn’t got arrested or fled the country. After they left, Putin confiscated all of their stuff and gave it to the state or to the oligarchs who were on his side.

By the say, Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe and it is far more corrupt than Russia. Zelensky the Nazi Jew so loved by the Nazi-loving West was recently proven to have stolen $450 million and stashed it out of the country. He owns vast properties in the Jewish state of Israel and in the lesser Jewish state of Florida where he has a Trump-style mansion. Of course the Western media never reported that to you, did they?

Not only is he a Goddamned Nazi son of a bitch, he’s a wildly kleptocratic Nazi son of a bitch. These are the democratic values that the Nazis-loving West is fighting so hard for.

Vladimir Zelensky is nothing more that a poster boy for the Nazi-loving and money-grubbing West. His values are our values. That’s why we are shoveling mountains of weaponry to this damned Nazi maniac.

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3 thoughts on “The “Russia Is a Kleptocracy” Lie”

  1. Whether you like Trump or not, he too gets blasted for being “an apologist for Putin and Russia.” Is the criticism warranted?

    1. Well, being pro-Russia is good. The Russians seem to like Putin, whereas Americans tend to think little of Biden.

    2. Ummmm, he wanted to make peace with Russia but if you look at his actual record, he was hostile to Russia and he even put a lot of sanctions on it, so it’s not a good argument. He’s just not drinking the liberal Russophobic Kool-Aid.

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