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In a previous post, we went over all of the reasons the Jews give for saying that the Holy Land is theirs. And they’re all nonsense, of course. The Jews say they just immigrated, it is true, but they are all on record as saying that Zionism was a settler-colonial project. They even said the natives were going to resist.

Ok suppose a bunch of French people moved to the UK in the south. Eventually they flood out the British to where there are more French than British. Then they declare the independence of this “New France.” And they throw 8

There are still a lot of British there but the French conquer up to Northern England too and then settle it with their own people.  They steal land from the English all the time and throw them off the land so French people can take it over. They put restrictions on English people building houses so they have to build illegally. Every time they make an illegal building, the French move in and bulldoze it and say they built it without a permit. Slowly they take over more and more English land, even farms.

They create a network of French-only roads that only French people can use. The English are forbidden to use these roads. Instead they have to go on inferior roads and there are checkpoints everywhere even on these roads. They claim all the land to the north as New France for French people only. Many British flee the wars and head to Scotland and Ireland where they become refugees. They start waging guerilla war against the new settlers. This periodically breaks out into out and out wars.

See, the Jews didn’t just immigrate to Palestine. They came there for the explicit purpose of taking all of that land and making it for Jews only, while throwing out as many Arabs as they can. Gradually the Jews steal more and more land in Palestine. They didn’t just move in. They came as a colonizing force to claim the entire land for the Jews!

Right now we have a conflict between two groups of nationalists, one Jewish and the other Palestinian. They both say the land is all theirs and the others have no right to it. The Palestinians don’t want a two-state solution. They want the whole place! They want to it over and make it a Palestinian state. Some say the Jews could stay as the “guests” of the Arabs who own the place. This is an old PLO line. But notice that the Jews are only guests. It’s not their land. They are there at the whim of the owners of the land, the Palestinians.

Generally, the Arab line is that all the Jews need to take off and go back where they came from. That’s obviously not going to happen, so the whole project is ridiculous. Others say that the Jews can stay in one state with the Arabs, a secular state.

Problem is there are no secular states in the Arab World. They all religiously based in one way or another. Also there’s a serious problem that if you let the Palestinians back into Israel they are going to start killing Jews. They’re already killing Jews as it is, and they don’t distinguish between citizens and military. What makes you think they’re going to stop once they get to live in Israel.

I suppose a lot of Arabs will be wanting their own homes back. The Jews aren’t going to give them back.

The original PLO plan as laid out by Arafat was for all of the Palestinians to move back to Israel and then slowly terrorize the Jews into leaving with terrorist attacks every now and then. This was also the plan of Hamas’ Sheik Yassin. They would slowly terrorize them until most of them take off.

The Palestinians also pin their hopes on the collapse of Israel as a state. It has supposedly been on the brink of collapsing for some time now. When it collapses, the Arabs will get to flood back in.

Sure some Palestinians said they were going to kill all the Jews in Israel.  They did say that they were going to throw them into the sea. Obviously, population transfers tend to be quite bloody because the people getting expelled don’t usually want to leave so they have to be forced out.

The Jews say that the Arabs in Israel are only there at the whim of the Jews, and the Jews can throw them out any time they want to. The Arabs are already second class citizens in a way the same way the Blacks were in South Africa. Of course Israel is an apartheid state. It’s only obvious.

The Jews say they want a “Jewish and democratic state.” That’s a contradiction in terms. If it’s a Jewish state, it’s not democratic, obviously. And if it’s a real democracy, it’s not a Jewish state because a Jewish state can only be undemocratic by its very nature.

One group of nationalists, the Jews, say the land is all theirs. The other group of nationalists, the Palestinians say the land belongs to them and them only. As you can see these are contradictory positions. You can implement one or the other but not both. Neither side will give up their land.

To the Palestinians, Israel will collapse. I guess at that point, the Palestinians flood into Israel. The Palestinians say that at that point, realistically speaking, 9

The Palestinians say all the Jews in Israel are “settlers.” Well that’s bullshit. Sure the ones in the Occupied Territories are and as far as I am concerned, the adult civilians there are military targets because they are stealing other people’s land. Attacks on minors on either side should not be tolerated.

As the people of Israel are not “settlers” as the Arabs say, they’re not legitimate targets, usurpers, rapists, or whatever the Arabs call them. They should not be targeted. Neither should the Palestinian civilians. The Arabs make a big fuss whenever the Jews kill some civilians, especially kids. But guess what?

The Palestinians kill Israeli women and minors too, and they do it all the time. Not only that but they do it on purpose while Israel targets Palestinian civilians only by accident. There have been quite a few terror attacks where Palestinians pointed guns right at Arab women and children and mowed them down. That’s much worse than what the Israelis do. At least the Jews don’t usually target Arab civilians.

So the Arab complaint that Israel “kills kids” rings hollow. So do the Palestinians and they do it in an even worse way. Both sides kill civilians, one accidentally and the other on purpose. Right now the Palestinians are screaming about attacks on civilians. Meanwhile they are aiming unguided missile right at Israeli cities and towns, obviously targeting civilians themselves!

The position of the PFLP and the DFLP has always been that they want one state for Arabs and Jews. George Habash of the PFLP famously said that if he could go back, he would build a new house to live in. And he would build an extra floor on tops to rent out to any Jewish family who wanted to live there. Leila Khaled of the PFLP has also said that all of the Jews can stay.

Palestinian attacks are mostly due to nationalism, so Jews in the Diaspora are not targeted as a general rule. They’re not part of the problem. The beef they have is with the Zionist Jews who stole their land and took it over. So Israelis say that the Arabs are out to “kill Jews” is bullshit and Holocaust porn. They’re only after the ones who stole their land. They could give a hoot about the rest of them. They’re not part of it!

Some of the attacks are driven by anti-Semitism and Palestinians do have a lot of hostility towards Jews in general. There are even attacks on Jews as Jews. There are calls to attack Jews everywhere they are on Earth.

Hostility towards the Jewish religion characterizes the Arab line. When the Jews pray, the Palestinians say they are engaging in “Talmudic rituals.” That’s just flat out anti-Semitism. The Jews like to pray. Fine, so do the Muslims. Everyone has their own way of praying and none are better than the others.

They also refer to large groups of Jewish settlers as “herds.” They’re calling them animals. This is antisemitism too. Furthermore, the Arabs hate it when people attack their religion, so maybe they should leave the Jewish religion alone?

Of course all sensible people are against Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. It’s totally illegal for one and the formation of Israel itself was frankly legal. The settlers need to leave the West Bank. Or turn it over to the Palestinians and say that any Jews who want to stay and live under Arab rule are free to do so. I doubt if many would take them up on the offer.

The problem is terminology. I just now learned that the Palestinians, when they attack the “occupation,” are attacking Israel too, not just the West Bank! The Arabs say all of Israel is occupied too, and occupation if you exist. This is what Palestinians refer to when they talk about “the occupation.” They’re talking about the people inside Israel itself.

This is bullshit. Israel is not an “occupation” and it’s perfectly legal under international law or at least it was at the time it was formed. They’re not occupiers, usurpers, rapists, or settlers. That’s all bullshit. That only applies to the West Bank. 4

This has all made me a lot less sympathetic to the Palestinians as I have long been a 2-stater. But that’s dead now. The one secular state seems to be a pipe dream, dead on arrival. The problem is that almost zero Arabs actually  want a 2-state solution. You have to understand the Arab mind. They Arabs are the original never say uncle crowd. They fight you forever.

The PLO is on record saying the 2-state solution is only temporary, a first step towards  their goal of taking over the whole place. The Arabs, like the Chinese, think of the long-term beyond this brief life of ours. First they get their own state, then 100 or 1,000 years later, they use that to build on a single state. The Arabs are actually willing to wait that long! The Arabs will fight you forever! You have to understand that about them.

Of course I am not happy with those Jews over there. I honestly cannot stand them! But I’m ok with a lot of Diaspora Jews. Let’s see. Are the Diaspora Jews squatting in Palestine and stealing Arab land every week? Of course not. They haven’t stolen an inch of land. People say when the Diaspora Jews support the Palestinians. Well, fine. They’re supporting their people. What do you expect them to do? Everyone is supporting their people and everyone should do so.

Anyway, Jews are only

Support for Israel runs 55-6

Yes, Jewish money has infected US politics in a bad way. The US Jews have pretty much purchased the state in the same way that the Cubans in Florida have. The Jews like to boast that they will take out anyone who goes against them. So to some extent the Jews are terrorizing lawmakers to support Israel.  Do lawmakers act like they have a gun to their heads and grit their teeth every time they vote for Israel. Get out.

And it’s important to note that in purchasing the state, the US Jews only want to buy a single thing and that is support for Israel.. They care about hate speech laws too, but that’s not a big issue. The Jews as a group did not purchase society and the state for all of these nefarious purposes like the antisemites say they did. The Jews can’t agree on anything. Sure they like the Cultural Left but so do most Gentiles. And Orthodox Jews hate the Cultural Left.

Two Jews, three opinions. They can’t agree on economics or capitalism and socialism. They can’t even agree on cultural issues because they’re not all united on that Israel. The vast Jewish conspiracy is complete nonsense except in the sense of purchasing the state for the purpose of getting the US to support their country. There’s no vast Jewish conspiracy because they can’t agree on anything other than support for Israel! That’s it. Other than that they are all over place on every issue – liberal, Centrist, conservative.

Sure I’m disgusted with the Israeli Jews. They’re a plague. But increasingly I don’t like the Palestinians much either. They’re too radical and fanatical for my taste.For one, they’re terrorists. This revolt has been straight up terrorism from the very start. At least the Jews try to follow international law to some extent.

The Israeli Army does not engage in terrorism. The Arabs do, in spades. That’s one reason I’ve had it up to here with the Arabs too. A pox on both of their houses! I’m out of there. You guys go fight it out over there, but just leave me out of it, ok? I have better things to do than do get into a beef of two groups of assholes acting terribly. I’m supposed to pick a side and figure  out which one is a bigger asshole. And I can’t make up my mind.

I don’t agree with a Palestinian state where 9

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