“A Threat and Its Annulment: Coping with the Sexuality of the Gentile Man in Medieval Ashkenaz”

A Threat and Its Annulment: Coping with the Sexuality of the Gentile Man in Medieval Ashkenaz

Avital Davidovich Eshed and Moshe Halbertal

Neat stuff. However, only 1 in 200 breedings with Ashkenazi Jews in Europe were outside of the fold! So the Jews ended up being quite inbred, which had good and bad implications. Via Shahak, we learn that the rabbinical punishment for a female having sex with a Gentile in Spain was to cut off her nose! That’ll keep them in line. And I have also heard that if a Jewish man breeds with a Gentile woman, he’s simply lost to the Jews and goes off and lives with the Gentiles. This had the effect of inbreeding.

Further, Jews didn’t necessarily hate living in their ghettos or quarters. In fact, sometimes they built those ghettos themselves! The purpose here was rabbinical desire to limit Jewish contacts with Gentiles and consequent sexual relations.

In addition, prior to Napolean’s liberation, a proper Orthodox Jewish man (there was no other kind) would not even take tea with a Gentile, much less eat with him. Must have been double that for a Jewish woman. Obviously this had a distancing effect in order to prevent sexual outbreeding.

No way can I support pogroms ever, but refusing to eat or drink with Gentiles isn’t exactly going to make the Jews win friends and influence people.

To this very day, some Orthodox living in the Diaspora have been thrown out of communities! Shades of the Middle Ages. They settled in a small Mayan town in Guatemala and after some years, they were tossed out of town on grounds that they were extremely unfriendly. A Jewish community in Iowa who set up a packing plant had a similar experience.

A man I know married an Orthodox Jewish woman and said her relatives never did accept her and many would not shake his hand or talk to him. This embittered him so much that the poor fellow became a wild antisemite!

Here in the US, 9

Anti-Semitism in the US is much exaggerated by Israelis, probably to get them to make aliyah. Most of what little there is is coming from Palestinians and maybe a few other Arabs or Muslims. Further, there are serious issues with the Black community in New York and with radicalized Blacks who imbibed in Farrakhanism.

Yes, there are some nasty anti-Semites among the White nationalists/White Supremacists (basically Nazis), but there are also folks like this who say Jews are White! Further, there are Jewish White nationalists!

However, running across a White person with this Nazi mindset is very unusual.

Anti-Israel sentiment is furthermore not very common. Israelis vastly exaggerate this, not to say that they have a right to some concerns in Europe, especially France. 55-6

Trump was not an anti-Semite. Jews are just making that up because they hate him. On the contrary, he is quite a Judeophile, having hobnobbed with Jews in business and pleasure for decades in very Jewish New York. Many wealthy and ruling class Gentiles have formed an alliance with a newly rich Jewish group in the last 50 years.

I think I’d rather have an epithet hurled at me than have a rocket land on my head.

Further, some Reform Jews have extreme hatred for Orthodox Jews. I know, my Jewish girlfriend was one of them!

And the feeling goes the other way. I spoke to an Agudat Orthodox man in Israel who despised secular Jews. In fact, he said he would rather live with Hamas than the seculars!

This was because he could at least respect them for being very religious as he was. Perhaps it is possible. 500-600 Samaritans live in the West Bank and have no problems at all. Samaritans are considered Jews. And in Lebanese refugee camps, there are some anti-Zionist Jewish people who never accepted Israel. They have no problems at all.

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One thought on ““A Threat and Its Annulment: Coping with the Sexuality of the Gentile Man in Medieval Ashkenaz””

  1. Some Jews act like total victim for being ghettoized and badged. It’s interesting that many Jews want to be distinguished and isolated. Jewish humor is said to come from little Jew towns, shtetls, in Poland.

    Jews often take both sides. Many Jews backed Napolean but at the same time many Jews backed Russia. Seems like a theme, Jews always take both sides.

    The big Russian bear seems to spew Jews out after awhile. I know at least one Tsar wanted them sent back to Poland and later on Stalin wasn’t a fan either.

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