The Crazy Things the West Believes about the Ukraine-Russia War

Three big ones and boy are they whoppers.

Russia attacked its own nuclear plant where it’s own forces were stationed! That’s crazy. They were supposedly shelling their own troops. Of course they didn’t. All of those artillery rounds were traced back to Ukrainian positions. Ukraine ever said that they should blow up the nuclear plant. One of Ukraine’s top leaders went on TV and said that Ukraine should blow up the nuke plant because…I don’t know! But he definitely recommended to do that. I guess it would be a great move in terms of the war.

I’ve told you so many times that these Ukrainians are insane Nazis. Every time you hear about Ukraine doing some evil stuff, ask yourself, “Would Nazis have done that?” Since Nazis had few qualms about doing much of anything, the answer is usually yes. Well these Ukrainians are Banderists. Their heroes were all Nazi collaborators and before that, they were proto-Nazis in the 1920’s before there even was a Nazi Germany.

Russia blew up its own gas pipeline! Yeah. Why would they do that? This is another story that keeps changing. See the fake story the CIA put out about the team of Ukrainian amateurs who rented a yacht and sailed to the site to blow up the pipeline? Well that didn’t work because it was so obviously fake, so they went back and got a new one.

In the new story, Russian ships were seen many times in the area of that pipeline blast in the months leading up the sabotage. None of the reasons given for why Russia would even blow up that pipeline in the first place even make sense. Logically you would think that they would be cleared right away of the crime because it hurts them so much. I guess Russians are flagellants!

The truth of course is that the US blew up the pipeline with the help of the British, the Danes, and the Norwegians. Seymour Hersch laid it all out in an excellent article. Now the liberals all hate their hero Hersch because now he’s blowing up the lies of the liberals. There’s a huge campaign on to smear Hersch and ruin his reputation because he pricked the wrong bubble.

Not one single Western news outlet has told us the truth – that the US blew up the pipeline. Hell, Biden, Blinken, Nuland, and Rubio all admitted it! They even said they were going to do it beforehand and then laughed and cheered it on when it happened. We have all of this on tape.

The media’s general line here is “We can’t figure out who blew up that pipeline. Germany, Norway, Sweden, etc. all have big investigations into who did this sabotage, but they’re all coming up with their hands empty. They can’t seem to figure it out. The best minds of the West are baffled! Yeah, right. They know who did it but they can’t say so because they’re all the whores of the US, bought, paid for, and threatened or blackmailed.

Russia attacked its own presidential palace with drones! Yeah. Sure. That would be like the US firing drones at the White House to try to kill Biden. Like that would really happen! True we haven’t figured out who did it yet, but that doesn’t matter. The hands of Ukraine are obviously behind it. It was probably fired from inside Russia near Moscow because that thing couldn’t fly very far. It wasn’t even very powerful.

It looks like they were mainly trying to blow up that flag that sits on top of the Kremlin. An hour before the attack, one of Zelensky’s top aides sent a mysterious tweet with a rocket flying through the air on it. Obviously Ukraine is behind it but we don’t have the details yet. Leave that to the FSB.

The entire Western media got behind this one and even came right out and called it a false flag. I thought there was no such thing as false flags. That’s been the US line all along. They’re in the realm of conspiracy theories and kookdom. Now it looks like false flags do exist, but of course we or our friends never do them, only the bad guys do! As in, our enemies! Like Russia! Blinken even suggested that Russia attacked its own presidential palace on TV.

Almost all Westerners think that all of the above lies are true. They fell for all of them and if you support Ukraine, you believe that all three of those things are true. I’m starting to wonder just how stupid Westerners are. I thought Whites were supposed to be smart? I think we are just brainwashed. But it’s odd that the “low IQ dummies” in the Global South have this all figured out when we, the brainy people, believe that stupidest stuff.

Show me one pro-Ukrainian who doesn’t believe all of the above. I want one, just one.

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4 thoughts on “The Crazy Things the West Believes about the Ukraine-Russia War”

  1. “Jews love Russia, Russians, and filthy Russian culture.” KAK.

    I don’t really understand anti-Russians. I get anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism, etc. but don’t fully understand why many hate Russia. Is Russian culture Jewy and filthy? The West looks more filthy and Jewy. What’s Russian hate down to? Mongol and Commie hatred? Lack of niceties until some Westernization? Westernization in Russia did create its own culture in the arts, fusing two worlds (East and West). Some consider that middle ground to be the Russian ideal.

  2. I think you’ve shone a light on how irrational Commie haters can be. I’m not even that interested in Communism – too raceless – but the hate towards them is irrational. In my youth I was thinking of buying something that said “kill a Commie for your Mommy”. They are taken as flat out bad in the West. Kill one for your Mom, a sport more American than baseball. Seems silly but it’s a reality.

  3. Ukraine is called the basket-case of Europe. Found some pro-Ukraine nudes, two nude girls with Ukraine colors, and clicked #Ukraine and a lot of trannies came up. That full Western corruption mixed with the worst form of Nazism. Some very odd thoughts are about in Ukraine.

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